Britney Spears Says She's Now on the 'Right' Medication After Conservatorship

Britney Spears has declared that she's now on the "right" medication in the weeks since her controversial conservatorship was officially dissolved.

During an explosive court testimony in June, Spears, 39, stated that she was made to take mood stabilizer lithium while she was under the conservatorship, which had seen her personal and financial decisions taken out of her hands since 2008.

And the pop icon, whose court-ordered arrangement was brought to an end on November 12 following a hard fought battle, took to Instagram to reveal that she's been relishing making decisions for herself.

Sharing a photo of a fireplace adorned with Christmas decorations, the mother of two wrote: "That beautiful ... nice ... and warm f****** fuzzy feeling when you've been waiting patiently for 13 years to be able to live your life however you choose and it's finally here !!!! Lighting my candles sure is a joy folks !!!

"And you might be surprised cause my prayers are pretty damn powerful ESPECIALLY when you're on the right medication just a month ago !!!!

"Damn I can actually pray .... it feels so good to just BE HERE !!!! I'M HERE ... thanks to no doctor or conservatorship people ... good God my friends ... it's good to BE HERE and be PRESENT !!!! Since I can actually PRAY now hopefully in just 3 months there will be a shift for me ... I mean who knows ..."

Referencing rapper Snoop Dogg's 2018 speech, in which he thanked himself for his success while receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Spears concluded: "I'm not gonna thank anyone I'm gonna pull a @snoopdogg and say I thank ME for believing in ME !!!!! Let's watch watch watch some TV folks !!!!"⁣

Back in June, when the "Toxic" singer testified about her experience in the conservatorship, she alleged that she was forced to take lithium against her will after refusing to do a second Las Vegas residency.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears poses backstage at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. The star has said that she's now on the "right" medication since her 13-year conservatorship came to an end. J. Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD

She stated, per the court transcript: "I remember telling my assistant, I feel weird if I say no, I feel like they're gonna come back and be mean to me or punish me or something.

"Three days later, after I said no to Vegas, my therapist sat me down in a room and said he had a million phone calls about how I was not cooperating in rehearsals, and I haven't been taking my medication."

"He immediately, the next day, put me on lithium out of nowhere. He took me off my normal meds I've been on for five years," she added of her father, Jamie Spears, who was suspended from the conservatorship in September.

"And lithium is a very, very strong and completely different medication compared to what I was used to," she continued. "You can go mentally impaired if you take too much, if you stay on it longer than five months."

Discussing the effect the drug had on her, she went on to state that it made her feel "drunk. I really couldn't even take up for myself. I couldn't even have a conversation with my mom or dad really about anything.

"I told him I was scared, and my doctor had me on six different nurses with this new medication, come to my home, stay with me to monitor me on this new medication, which I never wanted to be on to begin with."

While the star didn't reveal why she was placed on the medication, it is used to treat mood disorders such as bipolar, mania and depression.

During her court testimony in June, Spears also alleged that she had been made to wear a contraceptive device against her will, affecting her desire to have a child with her fiancé, Sam Asghari. She shares two teen sons with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Britney Spears and her family
(L-R) Jamie Spears, Bryan Spears, Jamie-Lynn Spears, Britney Spears and Lynne Spears pose together on March 2, 2003, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. KMazur/WireImage