BTS Unveil New 'Map of the Soul: 7' Album Concept Photos Channeling 'The Great Gatsby' and Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'

K-pop royalty BTS have unveiled new album concept photos for the band's forthcoming record Map of the Soul: 7, which is out later this month.

The images, unveiled by the band's management agency Big Hit Entertainment, have a period feel and a more mature vibe, with all the members wearing beige, black and grey suits, a change from their usual street style, sporty or casual chic fashion.

In one image, the group is pictured sitting at a long table spread with fruits, vegetables, and bizarrely, lobsters, with the members holding vintage cups.

Several BTS fans—collectively known as the Army—have been sharing their impressions of the new images using the hashtag #ThirdLookAt7, which trended on Twitter.

Some have noted the similarity between one of the group images and The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci, while another compared it with the feel of The Great Gatsby film.

"I can feel lots of The Great Gatsby movie vibe is it time we talk about the pic they took with Baz Luhrmann?@BTS_twt #ThirdLookAt7," wrote @choi_bts2.

"These photo gives me Blood Sweat and Tears meet Dionysus vibes #ThirdLookAt7@BTS_twt," wrote @jiminkane.

"The third concept photo is all about CELEBRATION! last supper / dionysia festival - according to carl jung they are celebrating of finding their true selves, letting go of pretences, self love in a radically new way, transformation, and loving others as themselves #ThirdLookAt7," wrote @ilsansqueen.

The latest photos are the third set of album concept images released from the band in recent days. The first collection of images featured BTS in all-white suits against a grey backdrop of what appeared to be a giant hole on a wood-paneled floor. Some members were pictured tossing feathers while sitting around the hole.

The second set had a contrasting look, with the band wearing all-black outfits and several also appearing to wear giant black wings on their backs. The members channeled vampire vibes, standing in a pool of water in a dark cave-like enclosure.

BTS have had an eventful lead up to their new album release, which included their first-ever performance at the Grammy Awards last month, making them the first Korean act to perform at the historic show on the biggest night in the music industry.

They also became the first Korean act to have an album go platinum in the U.S. with Love Yourself: Answer, which has sold more than a million copies since its release in 2018.

The band also launched the final exhibition of their global art project Connect, BTS in New York City with an installation by acclaimed British artist Antony Gormley earlier this month.

They are also scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon later this year.

The North American leg of their new concert tour kicks off on April 25 in Santa Clara, California. Map of the Soul: 7 is out on February 21.

BTS Grammy Awards 2020
BTS performs onstage during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles. Getty Images
BTS Unveil New 'Map of the Soul: 7' Album Concept Photos Channeling 'The Great Gatsby' and Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' | Culture