BTS McDonald's Meal Release Date, Menu and is There a Toy?

The release of BTS' highly-anticipated McDonald's collaboration is around the corner.

The popular K-pop group, consisting of Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope, RM, V and Suga, has teamed up with the fast food giant to create a special "BTS Meal".

"BTS is taking over the world, and soon they'll be taking over McDonald's with The BTS Meal," the official McDonald's website teases. "Don't miss this collab—get your first taste and exclusive content only in the app starting May 26th!"

The main meal consists of 10 piece chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a coke.

That's not all though, it also includes two "limited-time" sauces "picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald's South Korea," according to the website.

However, there's disappointing news for fans of the "Happy Meal" as it doesn't look like the BTS special meal comes with a toy.

The meal is expected to release in nearly 50 countries including the U.S., Singapore and India.

Newsweek has contacted McDonald's for comment.

The official McDonald's Twitter page has rallied up excitement among fans by releasing pictures of each member indulging in various items from the meal in the run up to the launch.

Fans of the band, known as the ARMY, have shared their anticipation on social media.

Replying to a photo of Jin drinking out of a branded takeaway cup, @minkyung1993 joked: "Sooooooocan I order a bts meal with a side of Worldwide Handsome???"

@HaileyKammerer7 tweeted: "I told my dad that when the @BTS_twt meal gets released @McDonalds we're going #McDonaldsXBTS #mcdonalds #bts #BTSMeal."

"Just making some plans to meet up with my local ARMY friends at McDonalds for the #BTSMeallaunch! Never thought I would be saying this," @fragmentidea posted.

BTS x McD: Jin checking in, still handsome

— McDonald’s⁷ (@McDonalds) May 18, 2021

@ajaciawash announced: "The only reason that I'm going to eat at @McDonalds again is when the @bts_bighit meal drops."

May is shaping up to be a big month for BTS fans with new song "Butter" dropping on Friday.

The group released a 23-second teaser of the music video on Wednesday. The short clip showed each member posing in suits before the shot cuts to a stack of pancakes, with butter melting over the top.

The video has already amassed over 25 million views on YouTube, at the time of publishing.

Following the release of the "Butter" teaser, some fans suggested the restaurant should offer up a special breakfast BTS meal with pancakes and added butter.

Twitter user @bts_buttermeup wrote: "Mcdonalds should be having a pancake breakfast meal dedicated to BTS and be playing Butter on loop and be tilting their heads to the beat."

"Honestly @McDonalds the BTS Meal needs to encompass my entire day.. starting with a BIG BTS-FAST complete with fluffy pancakes and #Butter," @HeyMaeHeyMae added.

@CHACHA_1992_ questioned: "I'm just gonna be a clown but holy s*** is McDonald's related to this Butter song cause when I saw them pancakes I thought of McDonald's!!! Anyway my clown a** is done now bhahaha."

McDonald's "BTS Meal" rolls out across the US on May 26.

The 'BTS Meal' arrives at McDonalds soon
Korean K-pop band 'BTS' are seen at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on November 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The 'BTS Meal' arrives at McDonalds on May 26. RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images