Burger King Employee Claims Customer Complained Uniform Was 'Distracting' Husband

This Burger King employee was not having it her customer's way.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok with allegations against a recent customer who supposedly found her work uniform "too distracting" for her husband.

The employee, known only as Lala, posted to her TikTok account @rockefeller.o on Thursday after her shift at a local Burger King. Using text-to-speech overlay, she shows how she looked that day at work when the woman allegedly took issue with her outfit.

"I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a 'distraction' to her husband..." she writes. She then gives viewers a full view of her uniform, which includes a collared Burger King polo shirt, company-branded cap with her hair tucked underneath, a plain black face mask and black denim jeans.

"Guess I'll leave my a** at home next time?" she adds, captioning the video, "Girl, f**k you."

The video quickly struck a nerve with TikTokers, who have watched the video over 14 million times and liked it more than 3.5 million likes. Many sided with Lala, and found nothing wrong with her physical presentation.

"When I say my jaw dropped," one shocked viewer shared. "Our bodies are not a distraction," another added.

"Man Burger King uniforms [really] be having me act up you know," one even joked.

Many took issue with the woman's complaints, as it was out of Lala's control how she dresses for work and how others perceive her.

"Distract him from what?? Ordering at Burger King??" one exasperated viewer asked, to which Lala responded, "Apparently she was trying to tell him something and he wasn't paying attention so she got upset."

"But did HE complain?" another asked. "No ma'am," Lala responded.

Several praised Lala and complimented her appearance, with many deeming her "gorgeous" and noting that they wished they looked like her.

Many TikTokers came to the consensus that "her husband is [the] problem" for objectifying the young woman while she worked.

"Tell [the woman] to be mad at her husband's wondering eyes," one even added.

Over the weekend, Lala posted additional videos poking fun at the situation, including one in which she pretends to be conversing with a manager about leaving "distracting" areas of her body at home.

Another video posted yesterday specifically responded to a racist hate comment that read, "Typical [n****r] always trying to get attention and always being a home wrecker."

"My back hurts from carrying the weight of not caring because I did nothing wrong except wear my uniform and STILL got sexually objectified and harassed," she retorts in on-screen text overlay.

Again, viewers sided with Lala. "What would they like you to do? Stay home forever?" one said. "Or maybe the customer's husband should be looking at the [woman] he married," another added.

Newsweek reached out to Lala, but she did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Burger King has also come under fire recently for a string of criminal incidents in their international and nationwide locations. In Canada, an unidentified white man was captured on video allegedly berating a family with anti-Asian insults in the drive-thru last month. In Florida, an elderly woman threw her Whopper sandwich at an employee while yelling racial slurs.

Burger King employee uniform 'distracted' customer
A Burger King employee has gone viral on TikTok with claims that a female customer slammed her uniform as "too distracting" for her husband. Matthew Horwood/Getty Images