Burst Water Pipe Creates Incredible Ice Sculptures in Freezing Temperatures—'Narnia'

A burst pipe spraying water all over the sidewalk in Utah created incredible ice sculptures as it froze in temperatures as low as 17°F.

A street in South Salt Lake resembled something from a winter wonderland after the water formed magical structures blanketing a tree. The branches were dripping in icicles which wouldn't look out of place in Disney's Frozen, as passers-by snapped off crystals with a satisfying crunch.

A clip of the captivating "ice tree" was shared to Reddit on Tuesday, by Zeek1016, who identified themselves as a local seventh grader.

"A water pipe exploded next to my school," they captioned the clip, which amassed more than 50,000 views after it was posted to the site's Damn That's Interesting forum, and can be seen here.

Zeek1016 later posted a follow-up video, saying: "Update on ice tree (I kept slipping on the ice so don't get mad at me.)"

Commenting on the viral video, Ladygytha commented: "And some editing would look like OP was going through a crystalline forest and would be lovely. The original footage is shaky, but it's really beautiful."

Sgfreak711 thought: "Looks like f****** Narnia."

Arpedular joked: "Nah fam, that's just a portal to the realm of ice that opened up."

Neel4312 raved: "Wow that looks like a winter wonderland."

Village_burner_59 commented: "I expected Elsa from Frozen to walk out any minute singing 'Let It Go.'"

The icicles were later confirmed to be located near the Century 16 Theater, along E 3300 S.

The South Salt Lake Utility Department confirmed to Newsweek the water was from a broken sprinkler line—as seen in the video—and that it belonged to a private citizen.

Temperatures in the city have plunged to lows of 17°F as the city grappled with the biting depths of winter.

The cold snap has affected other pipes in the area, leading the SLC Department of Public Utilities to issue advice to residents amid the cold.

A tweet sent in January advised: "Busy weekend for private property water line breaks! You can avoid burst indoor pipes in freezing weather. Open cabinet doors to let warm air circulate around pipes. Let a thin strand (spaghetti size) of cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes."

A street in Centerville, Utah, looked like it had suffered earthquake damage, after a water leak "heavily damaged" a road in January.

Centerville Police shared a snap of the broken surface along Chase Lane, saying: "About 15 homes are without water supply. Water line repairs will take several hours, road repairs will take several weeks, perhaps months."

Neighboring city Ogden, north of Salt Lake City, has published advice for residents to minimize burst pipes due to the cold.

Their website said: "Winter months bring freezing temperatures that can cause serious damage to metal and plastic pipes."

They advised disconnecting outdoor hoses and insulating outdoor faucets and any exposed pipes.

While they also recommended never setting the thermostat lower than 55°F, and thawing out frozen pipes with a hairdryer, heater or heat tape.