'Black Ops 4' Blood of the Dead Zombies Guide: How to Get Golden Spork, Blundergat & More

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features three new Zombies maps. This guide covers everything we know about Blood of the Dead including quests to build the Golden Spork, Blundergat and more.

Power Locations

For this first part, follow the mapped path to two power locations. They shouldn't be too hard to find.

Richtofen's Lab > Model Industries > West Grounds > Power House

Black Ops 4 mob power 1
The first of two power locations in Blood of the Dead Treyarch/Activision/TheGamingRevolution @ YouTube

Catwalk > Recreative Yard > Cell Block Entrance > D Block > C-D Street > Cell Block Third Floor > Michigan Avenue > Citadel Tunnels China Alley > Building 64

Black Ops 4 mob power 2
The second of two power locations in Blood of the Dead Treyarch/Activision/TheGamingRevolution @ YouTube

How to Get the Spectral Shield in Blood of the Dead

The first step is to find Essence from any random glowing Afterlife box around the map. In this case, it was in the cafeteria at the place labeled Times Square.

Black Ops 4 Essence Box cafeteria
An essence box near the cafeteria in Times Square Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

It might also be in the Library just across the way.

Black Ops 4  Essence Box library
An essence box by the Library Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

If it's not there, push up towards C-D street from the Library, walk through Broadway, and drop down to the street once you reach the Michigan sign. Keep moving forward and there will be a power box under a smaller Michigan sign.

Black Ops 4 Essence Box michigan
Another essence box near this Michigan sign Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

For the second part look one of three places:

Go to Michigan Avenue, look for a lit Michigan sign near a set of stairs. Go down, and walk through the lit door on your left. Pass through the grate, go to the room lit with candles. From the candlelit room, go left. This path leads you down a long staircase to the Citadel Tunnels. At the bottom of the stairs, go left and you'll pass through a barrier. You'll pass through another barrier near some candles, The third barrier has a distinct opening. Behind it is a spawn for the shield door.

Black Ops 4 Shield 2-1
The second shield part hiding behind the third barrier. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

The second is further down as you exit the tunnels.

Black Ops 4 Shield 2-2
It might also be on this wall as you exit the tunnels. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

The third is in China Alley in this corner by some wood.

Black Ops 4 Shield 2-3
Or in China Alley by some wood. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

This part is difficult to explain in text, but the video guide above should help.

The third part, the Key, comes after you kill Brutus (The Warden). So just wait for him to spawn. He typically shows up at round four or five. Pass through Building 64 and make your way to the door leading to the Docks. The crafting bench is right there where the gondolas would be.

Black Ops 4 Shield Crafting Bench
Once you have the parts, craft the shield at this bench. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

How to Pack-a-Punch in Blood of the Dead

Now that you have the Spectral Shield and key, the rest of the map is more or less open to you. The next step, then, is to unlock Pack-a-Punch.

After you craft the Shield, take the gondola at the Dock Bridge. From here, run through Cell Block 3rd Floor, through the Infirmary and follow the path up the stairs to the roof. If you've played Mob of the Dead before, the layout is the exact same.

Once you get to the roof, use you shield and press the right trigger to drain three Zombie souls. This charges your key.

Black Ops 4 drain souls
Drain souls to build up for a Shield Blast. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

Fully charged, press the left and right triggers at the same time to Shield Blast the voltage meter near the "no one escapes alive" sign. After that, the Pack-a-Punch will spawn in.

Black Ops 4 pap voltage meter
Shoot this voltage meter to raise the Pack-a-Punch machine. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

How to Get Hell's Retriever

This process is just like Mob of the Dead except the Hellhound spawn locations are a little different. In either case, look for the large, flaming dogs in each of these spots. Kill individual Zombies to feed the dog. Once it howls, your job is done.

Cell Block Second Floor (in the middle of everything)

Black Ops 4 Hell 1
A Hellhound in Cell Block Second Floor Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

New Industries (which is just by the old spawn point right by West Grounds and the Power House.)

Black Ops 4 Hell 2
A Hellhound in New Industries Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

You're essentially making your way to the Warden's Office. From Michigan Avenue, go to the labeled office sign and into Sully Port. Pass through Administration and you'll see an outdoor area with the Warden's house. A dog is hanging towards the roof.

Black Ops 4 Hell 3
A Hellhound at the Warden's House Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Once you kill all three, look for this portal in the back of the Warden's house by the fireplace. As you fly through, you'll see the illuminated Hell's Retriever on a rock all by itself.

Black Ops 4 Hell Portal
This portal takes you to Hell's Retriever. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

How To Get the Blundergat

If you're lucky, you can get the Blundergat via the Mystery Box, but typically that won't happen. So you'll need to find five invisible skulls at these specific locations. If you have the Shield, pressing the left trigger allows you to briefly see skulls in Vision Mode. Throw your Hell's Retriever at each skull to collect it.

Skull 1: At spawn (West Grounds) on this balcony by the door

Black Ops 4 Blunder 1
The first Blundergat skull on a balcony at West Grounds. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Skull 2: On C-D Street just before you go up the makeshift stairs. It's on the toilet behind a cell grate.

Black Ops 4 Blunder 2
Right before you go up the makeshift stairs at C-D, look into this cell. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Skull 3: Get to the roof. You'll see it on some boxes in the distance from the right side of the Pack-a-Punch platform.

Black Ops 4 Blunder 3
The third Blundergat skull on a roof. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Skull 4: On the Docks via the third platform from the left.

Black Ops 4 Blunder 4
A Blundergat skull on the Docks. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Skull 5: From the Warden's Office go to where you killed the dog. It's sitting on the telephone pole of Eagle Plaza just like Mob of the Dead.

Black Ops 4 Blunder 5
The final Blundergat skull in its Mob of the Dead location. Treyarch/Activision/NoahJ456 @ YouTube

Go into the Warden's Office and get the Blundergat from the tabe.

How to Get the Acidgat Kit

Once you have the Blundergat, you need to collect three parts to transform it into the Acidgat. Here's where all the parts are located.

In Transverse Tunnel: This is between the Power Station and New Industries building and should be near a zombie barricade.

Black Ops 4 Acid 1
An Acidgat part in Transverse Tunnel Treyarch/Activision/MrDalekJD @ YouTube

Sully Port: Behind a cell door just off Michigan Avenue. You need the Warden's key first.

Black Ops 4 Acid 2
Look behind this cell door in Sully Port for an Acidgat part. Treyarch/Activision/MrDalekJD @ YouTube

Infirmary: In a cabinet by the Perk Machine and staircase leading up to the roof.

Black Ops 4 Acid 3
An Acidgat part should be in this cabinet. Treyarch/Activision/MrDalekJD @ YouTube

Build it at any of the crafting benches. The one on the Docks is easiest to get to. Be sure to upgrade the Acidgat to the Vitriolic Withering by bringing it to Pack-a-Punch.

How to Get the Magmagat

Once you have a Blundergat using the above method, take it and place it in the fireplace at the back of the Warden's House. It should be right near the desk where you got the Blundergat.

Black Ops 4 Magma 1
Put your Blundergat in the Warden's fireplace. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

When you do this, Zombies spawn. Kill them and manually pick up the essence they drop. Essence will only drop if you stay in the house. The skulls above the mantle will light up as you rack up kills. Once all three skulls are lit, deposit your essence by interacting with the mantle. The fireplace will then turn blue, and the Magmagat will appear. Don't pick it up.

Black Ops 4 Magma blue fireplace
Eventually the hearth will turn blue. Don't touch the Magmagat. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

Your Blundergat becomes the Tempered Blundergat. Don't fire it. Run outside the house to Eagle Plaza and look for a barrel with a blue, burning flame. Looking at it will stoke the flame on your gun.

Black Ops 4 Magma Eagle Plaza barrel
Look at this barrel to recharge you Tempered Blundergat. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

From here just sprint your way from the plaza, through the Warden's house and out to Michigan avenue. There will be another barrel there.

Go up toward Times Square, drop back down and there will be another barrel just as you hit Cell Block Entrance. Go through Recreation Yard and keep heading towards spawn. There's another barrel as you get close to the end of the Yard.

Black Ops 4 Magma rec barrel
Another barrel at the Recreation Yard Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

The last barrel is at West Grounds just outside New Industries. At New Industries, place yourTempered Blundergat in the compactor. Then it becomes the Magmagat.

Black Ops 4 Magma Compactor
At the end of your journey, put your Tempered Blundergat in this trash compactor. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

How to get the Golden Spork

This requires you to have the Shield, Key, Hell's Retriever and a Blundergat or Magmagat.

In the Warden's office, press the left trigger to use shield vision and observe three numbers on the pillars. A string of numbers could be 646, for example.

Black Ops 4 Spoon Pillars
Use your shield to display three hidden numbers. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

Make your way towards the big spiral staircase at Citadel Tunnels, and collect three Zombie souls with the right trigger just like you did for Pack-a-Punch.

At the bottom of the staircase you'll find a lock box. Shield Blast it by pressing both triggers at once after you have three souls. Enter the numbers you saw on the pillars. If the cage in the staircase drops down, you've done it right. Go to the Docks, collect some souls and Blast the newly spawned voltage meter.

Black Ops 4 Spoon input numbers
Input the numbers you saw on the pillars.. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

The crane by the docks will move. Toss your Hell's Retriever at the net the crane is carrying to cut off the skeleton's arm. He'll drop a Silver Spoon on a nearby crate.

Black Ops 4 Spoon hell throw
Throw your Hell's Retriever at the net once the crane moves. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

Go to Cell Block 3rd Floor towards the roof, move towards the Infirmary and head right. You'll find a large room with a bathtub. Place the spoon in the tub, go to the roof and kill zombies with your Magmagat or Acidgat.

Black Ops 4 Spoon bath
Put your spoon in this bath near the roof. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

Once you've killed about 30 zombies, go back to the tub and you'll see it's filled with blood. Interact with the tub to drain it. If you don't have that option, get more kills.

Tub drained, go to the Catwalk and look for the large water tower once you reach the top of the stairs. The tower should be leaking blood. Throw your Retriever at the red wheel on the base of the tower. If done right, it'll come back with a Golden Spork.

Black Ops 4 Spoon water tower
Throw your Hell's Retriever at the base of the water tower. Treyarch/Activision/MrRoflWaffles @ YouTube

That's all we know about Mob of the Dead so far. Come back later for more Black Ops 4 Zombies guides as details emerge. We have guides for the Brazen Bull and Death of Orion on IX as well.

Were you able to figure out Blood of the Dead using this guide? Did you find the Acidgat? Tell us in the comments section!

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