Carly Fiorina Leaves GOP Debate Speech on the Hotel Printer, Gives It Anyway

Political enthusiasts will be tuning in to Fox News Thursday to watch the first debates of the presidential campaign season. One Republican candidate, however, left a speech on the printer. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Updated | Whoops—Carly Fiorina apparently left her speech on the hotel printer ahead of Thursday's first debate of the campaign season. The speech was discovered by Sergio Gor, a member of Senator Rand Paul's communications staff, who tweeted it out.

In the speech, the candidate stressed, "We need a nominee who will throw every punch, not stumble before he even gets in the ring." As The Weekly Standard points out, Carly Fiorina had a similar message earlier this week: "In order to beat Hillary Clinton or whoever their nominee turns out to be, we have to have a nominee on our side who is going to throw every punch."

Someone left their closing statement for tonight's @FoxNews debate in the hotel printer.Can you guess who?@LaCivitaC

— Sergio Gor (@SergioGor) August 6, 2015

Fiorina delivered the speech even after the leak and it seemed to go well. Google says that "Carly Fiorina" was the most-searched candidate from the early group.