Is Cassie Pregnant? 6 Fan Theories About 'Euphoria's' Nate, Cassie and Maddy Love Triangle

Just as Euphoria fans thought Nate Jacobs (played by Jacob Elordi) could not become any more of the show's villain, he set his eyes on Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney), the best friend of his ex-girlfriend, Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie). Since their bathroom hook-up on New Year's Eve, Cassie and Nate have been (secretly) inseparable, with Nate even admitting he was in love with Cassie in Episodes 2 and 4.

However, in Episode 3, either terrified to lose control or determined to assert his dominance, or perhaps both, Nate paid his ex-girlfriend Maddy a visit and even showed up at her birthday party with a Tiffany & Co love heart necklace in hand.

At the moment, Maddy seems to be completely oblivious to her best friend and ex-boyfriend's betrayal, but some Euphoria fans think the truth will come spilling out as Cassie may find herself pregnant with Nate's child. With just four more episodes to go, Newsweek has a recap of the six wildest fan theories about Cassie's potential pregnancy and the Nate, Cassie, and Maddy love triangle.

Is Cassie Pregnant in 'Euphoria'?

1. The Hot Tub

At any given moment in Euphoria Season 2, Episode 4, it looked like the truth about Nate and Cassie was about to come spilling out at any moment. Ultimately, Cassie was far too drunk to even think about speaking and instead threw up over herself and everybody in the hot tub.

Euphoria fans suspect the trigger for Cassie's vomiting episode was not only the alcohol she had been drinking, but the fact Maddy started speaking about her and Nate having babies.

One Euphoria fan tweeted: "I'm just gonna say I found out I was pregnant irl when I had a little to drink and got violently sick..... I haven't been keeping up but is there a possibility Cassie is pregnant with Nate's baby?"

2. Nate's Fantasy

In Episode 2 of Euphoria Season 2, as Nate lay in the hospital bed after being brutally attacked by Fez (Angus Cloud) at the New Year's Eve party, he began to fantasize about a life with Cassie.

As part of his dream sequence, he imagined Cassie pregnant and, on the surface, it looked like they lived a pretty happy life together.

As Nate's fantasy played out on screen, Rue (Zendaya), the unreliable narrator of Euphoria could be heard stating: "Nate Jacobs was in love."

Perhaps Nate's fantasy was a foreshadowing of what was to come and a clue as to who he actually wants to be with.

One Euphoria fan tweeted: "predictions for euphoria: cassie will get pregnant with Nate's child, Nate could either get violent about it and demand an abortion or he'll want to keep it and start a family to fulfill his fantasy about her. I hope I'm right bc I feel so smart"

For two seasons, Euphoria fans have also suspected Nate is only interested in Maddy as she may hold the tape of his father having sex with Jules, so Cassie falling pregnant may actually be what Nate wants.

Reddit user KaliLinux19 explained Nate was only with Maddy "obviously for the disk," adding: "but I think also deep down he still loves her. He's addicted to that toxic relationship."

3. What If Maddy Is Pregnant?

In Season 2, Episode 3 of Euphoria, Maddy joked in front of the bathroom mirrors she would "look so sexy pregnant." and during her argument with Nate at her birthday party in Episode 4, she revealed Nate had promised to have children with her in the future.

In her spare time, Maddy also works as a babysitter and has formed an incredibly close bond with the young boy she looks after. Additionally, Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly plays the young boy's mother, and it is unlikely that is the last we have seen of her in the show.

These subtle hints did not go unnoticed by Euphoria fans and some are starting to suspect it may be Maddy after all who falls pregnant, not Cassie, something which may have devastating consequences for Cassie, and Nate.

One Euphoria fan tweeted: "In the flashback, Cal got Marsha pregnant in high school with Nate. now in the present day, they're showing Maddy being maternal with a lot of pregnancy foreshadowing with her and Nate seeming to have made up at the end of ep 3. THIS IS A DISASTER."

Another fan added: "I really think Maddy is pregnant or she's gonna be pregnant. there's a lot of foreshadowing taking place."

A third fan shared: "ok imagine Maddy and Nate end up having sex but by the end of the season he realizes he wants to be with cassie but then Maddy is pregnant? IDK BUT I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE WILL GET PREGNANT THIS SEASON"

4. Like Father, Like Son

For two seasons Euphoria fans have seen the similarities between Nate Jacobs and his father Cal (Eric Dane) become more and more obvious. Both men have struggled with their sexuality and anger as a result of the repression. In Episode 4, Cal finally told his family about his sexual relations with men, women, and trans women over the years, and in Season 1 of Euphoria, Nate developed feelings for Jules (Hunter Schafer), who is also a trans woman.

Euphoria fans are beginning to suspect their similarities may run even deeper. In Season 2, Episode 3, audiences learned of Cal's bittersweet backstory. As a teen, Cal was in love with his best friend Derek (Henry Eikenberry), and on the eve of their high school graduation, they finally embraced their feelings for one another and kissed. In episode 4 of Season 2, it is suggested they may have had sex that same evening.

However, the morning after, Cal received a phone call from his then-girlfriend Marsha, revealing she was pregnant. As a result, Cal suppressed his homosexuality and lived a double life. One as a straight, middle-class family man and another of affairs with both sexes, violent porn, and sexual relations with underage women.

Fans are beginning to think Nate could possibly follow the same fate. Like Marsha, if Cassie gets pregnant, Nate will most likely follow in his father's footsteps.

One Euphoria fan shared: "wait what if the cal flashback was just foreshadowing Nate accidentally getting cassie pregnant."

5. Cassie Deliberately Gets Pregnant

At the time Episode 3 of Euphoria Season 2 aired, many fans suspected Marsha deliberately got pregnant to keep Cal away from Derek and many thought Cassie could do the same.

In her argument with Nate before Maddy's birthday party, Cassie threatened she was "crazier" than Maddy and she vowed to find a way to keep them apart. As a result, many fans think Cassie will get pregnant to keep Nate in her life.

One fan tweeted: "Me knowing Cassie is gonna get pregnant to trap Nate just like Ms.Marsha did to Cal #euphoriatalks"

A second fan wrote: "I feel like Cassie will purposely get pregnant and trap Nate #euphoriatalks."

6. Maddy and Cassie Both Get Pregnant

It may seem like a stretch, but some fans suspect Nate has got himself into a seriously sticky situation by getting Maddy and Cassie pregnant by the end of Euphoria Season 2.

At the moment, Maddy and Nate have not officially rekindled their romance, but it would not come as a huge surprise if they were to have sex again. Meanwhile, Nate is showing no signs of slowing things down with Cassie...

One Euphoria fan shared: "my only euphoria prediction right now is that Nate is going to get both cassie And Maddy pregnant."

A second fan tweeted: "I can definitely see Nate getting Maddy and Cassie pregnant only to encourage Cassie to get an abortion"

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Alexa Demie Sydney Sweeney Euphoria
Alexa Demie (L) as Maddy and Sydney Sweeney as Cassie (R) in "Euphoria." Fans suspect Cassie could be pregnant with Nate's baby. Eddy Chen/HBO