Cat Filmed Bringing Her Two-Week Old Kittens Into Man's Backyard for Safety

The grass was greener on the other side for this stray cat, who brought her litter of kittens over the fence and delivered them to a man's house, knowing they'd be taken care of.

Brandon Payte watched as the feline clawed her way over the fence and brought each of her kittens over to his house in Forth Worth, Texas. Knowing that the stray was out there, Payte had left food outside in the past to make sure she was fed, and this kindness was only the beginning of their loving bond.

While nursing her litter, the cat was staying in a shelter outside Payte's home, but once they were two weeks old she came into the garden with them and he welcomed them into his home.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that there are 3.2 million cats in shelters across the country, and 2.1 million of those are adopted each year.

Cat Brings Kittens Over Fence
The cat brought her litter of kittens over the fence to provide them with a loving new home. Payte has since been taking care of the kittens and allowing them to sleep in his home. @817dfw

Since the kittens were brought to him, Payte has been taking care of them and allowing them to sleep in his home, but he admits they come and go as they please. Gradually, each of the kittens has grown more comfortable with their new caregiver, and he says the cats have a "better life" now.

Payte told Newsweek: "Momma cat is a stray cat and we had previously put food out for her. When she was nursing the kittens, they stayed inside a shelter on the back porch.

"The kittens were two weeks old when she brought them over and will turn one in March. There are two girls and two boys, their names are Lexie, Honey, Finn, and Little Bit – the runt. The girls stay inside overnight and Little Bit stays inside 24/7.

"They came inside once she had weaned them, but still went outside to play. It felt great that she trusted us to be around her kittens. Momma cat is still in the neighborhood and I see her every once in a while."

Thankfully the kittens were in good health when they were brought to Payte, and since coming over the fence they have become quite the viral sensations as they regularly appear on his TikTok account, @817dfw.

After posting the footage of the kittens being brought over the fence and showing them as they have grown, the video already has 1.8 million views and over 290,000 likes. The caption alongside the video reads: "It's been almost a year since this sweet momma cat brought her 2 week old kittens over the fence to the safety of our backyard."

Many TikTok users have praised Payte for taking care of the kittens since the mom chose him to provide safety, food and shelter.

One person commented: "You and your family are amazing humans for letting her bring her kittens in. Thank you for being so kind in a world that sometimes isn't."

Another person wrote on the video: "Good soul recognizes good soul."

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