Cat Suffers Epic Fail While Trying To Drink From Faucet in Adorable Video

Bizarre footage of a cat trying and failing to drink from his owner's faucet has got pet lovers giggling online—and with good reason.

In a clip posted to TikTok by feline owner Sarah, who posts under sarahwallis_, a black and white cat can be seen chugging away as water runs from a kitchen sink tap.

There's just one problem: he's not drinking a single drop. In fact, he appears to have got his bearings badly wrong.

Rather than enjoying a much-needed drink, this cat is unknowingly heading for a shower, having misjudged the position of the stream. As a result, he's been left with water cascading down the side of his face rather than in his gaping mouth.

Undaunted, the cat is continuing to lick away at nothing in particular. A caption explains: "my lil prince does this a lot."

The video has garnered the cat a pretty considerable social media following with the footage of his faucet misstep racking up over 10 million views online. It can be watched here.


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"I haven't laughed this hard in weeks," one user, posting as Vasixox, wrote. "I can't stop laughing," Another, writing as Lucky le Lapin added. Racoony joked: "Nothing like a cool drink of water on a hot day" while Gail Smallman commented: "he looks likes he's enjoying his drink though."

Xemma_92x asked: "Is your cat okay?" with The Gay Satanist writing: "I think your cat has a drinking problem." Freck Beauty suggested the video was an example of "When the catnip hits just right."

Newsweek has contacted sarahwallis_ for comment.

Eager to assuage any concerns about her cat, sarahwallis_ returned to TikTok with a follow-up video a few days later showing that, thankfully, on occasion, her cat is more than capable of drinking from the faucet.

That reassuring footage can be watched here.


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Cats have been known to be picky when it comes to drinking water, with many preferring to drink directly from taps and other water sources.

According to the experts at Hill's Pet Nutrition, cats have been known to have "an instinctual aversion to still water."

"In the wild, cats will usually only drink moving water which helps prevent them from becoming sick," explains the webite. "Alternatively, it could be that your cat has learned that water tends to be cooler when it's rain water or from a tap."

The website says it may also be the case that cats view water as "just a toy" to play with.

"To your cat, flipping over the water bowl or trying to catch the falling drips from a tap might make a great game, as well as having the added benefit of quenching their thirst," it suggests.

A cat and a water tap.
Stock image of a cat and a water tap. A cat's failed attempt at drinking water from a tap is generating quite a stir on social media. Bihlmayer Fotografie/Getty