Cat Wearing Owners Shirt After It Was Near the Washing Machine Goes Viral

A cat has gone viral for a picture of her looking like a "Jedi" wearing a t-shirt she took out of her owner's dirty laundry pile so she could sniff the scent.

In a picture shared on Reddit last Tuesday by the cat owner, who goes by the username u/Mario_cy_83, the cat can be seen inside the shirt, with her ears still stuck in. The post also comes with a caption that says: "I put my shirt to the floor next to the washing machine. This is three minutes later.."

The cat owner explained that their cat is a girl called Lydi, which is short for Lydia, and that she is named after their favorite Skyrim character.

According to Senior Cat Wellness blog, cats like to rest on dirty laundry due to the distinct odor. "They can detect their owner's unique body aroma as the clothing smells just like you. This gives your cat familiarity and comfort while resting. Also, the cat enjoys making a bed from clothes and claiming them as its property."

Usually, there's no harm in a cat lying on unwashed, smelly clothes as long as you are mindful if you have spilled/toxic substances on your garments, such as oil or antifreeze.

The picture, which was first posted on the r/cats subreddit, has gone viral receiving over 17,100 upvotes and 322 comments. One user commented: "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me."

And another said: "Looks like a great Jedi [knight] he must be the best fighter in the galaxy,"

A third joked: "I am from the future, you need to give me double catnip from now on, fate of the world requires it. Obi Wan Cat Obi."

Another user joked: "Your shirt turned you into a cat?"

And a different commenter said: "What a sweetie. Whenever my dirty clothes are on the floor or on our bed, my little girl will dive head first into the armpits! We call her our little Huffer."

Newsweek has reached out to u/Mario_cy_83 for comment.

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cat resting on laundry
A stock image shows a cat laying on a pile of laundry. The internet was left is stitches by a "Jedi" cat wearing her owner's t-shit taken from the dirty pile near the washing machine. Getty Images