Cat Melts Hearts As It's Caught Stroking Puppy: 'Besties'

Despite their reputation as enemies, there are plenty of examples of cats and dogs becoming friends for life.

From the friendship between Nash the golden retriever and his feline friend, to the companionship of a cat called Twig and a dog called Meadow, when introduced correctly, these supposed rivals can get along fine.

The adorable relationship between a British Shorthair and a Cavapoochon pup is warming hearts all over the internet. Posted to TikTok on July 3 by user @itssophiearis, the clip shows the furry friends nuzzling on their owner's garden furniture.

Soundtracked to Hugh Grant's "love is all around us" speech from the 2003 rom-com Love Actually, two-year-old cat Nala can be seen patting her puppy pal on the head from her spot on top of a chair.

Once she has his attention, the pair rub noses, before 11-month-old Monty goes back to relaxing under the table.

Captioned "POV: when your babies are besties," the video has received over 50,000 likes and more than 300 comments since being posted.

A 2020 study attempted to determine if cats and dogs really are enemies. Published in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers gave questionnaires to 1,207 pet owners in Italy with at least one cat and one dog at home, although several had more.

The results did reinforce some personality stereotypes. Dogs tended to be more extroverted, while cats often displayed neurotic tendencies. In many cases, the cats were inclined to ignore the dogs, but 64 percent of owners did report the animals played together at least occasionally.

Some 58 percent of owners said their pets slept alongside each other at least some of the time, while 11 percent reported their pets napping together all of the time.

The majority of owners said their dogs had a more agreeable nature, being more friendly to other dogs and humans. However, cats were both less friendly to humans and their own species. Only 10 percent of cats hissed at the dog, while only two percent of dogs ever growled at their feline roommate.

User Saro called the BFFs "the most precious thing I've ever seen."

"Crying," wrote aims xox.

"Nooooo i can't cope so cute!!" commented Indrè.

Some TikTokers wanted to know how Sophie had managed to build such a strong bond between her pets.

"How did you get to this point?" asked Jasmine Spall. "My cat always runs away from my puppy."

To which Sophie replied: "Nala is very gentle in general and v patient with Monty.

"He's 11 months now so has calmed down a lot from proper puppy stage."

Newsweek has reached out to @itssophiearis for comment.

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Cat Caught Stroking Puppy's Nose Melts Hearts
A stock photo of a dog resting its head on a cat. The internet pair were dubbed "the most precious thing" by TikTok users. kobkik/iStock/Getty Images Plus