Cat Pestering Owner For Kiss Melts Hearts Online

Cats can often be aloof creatures. However, one kitty has gone viral in a video showing it intent on getting a kiss from its owner.

In the heartwarming footage, shared to Reddit by an account called Musculomasseter, we can see the sweet fluffy white cat clawing at its owner and meowing incessantly.

The woman then looks towards the pet, who is next to her on the sofa, and the animal leans in to plant a kiss on her lips. The cat then turns away from her.

Clearly amused the woman asks: "Is that all you wanted?"

The adorable video, is captioned: "All she wanted was a kiss."

Since the clip was posted to the discussion-based site on January 20 it has gained lots of attention, having attracted more than 24,500 upvotes.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cute footage.

One TikTok user, AmazinglyOdd81, exclaimed: "Is that too much to ask?!"

Another person, Raezzordaze, added: "Brb [be right back], gonna try that on my wife."

BigScrungleBunch stated: "I do this to my boyfriend often. Works every time. He calls me crazy though. Crazy smelly girl he says. The audacity."

Current_Leather7246 shared: "That is so cool when I was playing this and my cat heard your cat and was answering meowing and rushing up to see what was on the phone.

"Thanks for posting a great clip that both me and my cat enjoyed!"

Mellori97 remarked: "I wish my cats loved me this much [crying-face emoji]."

Diligent_Jury_9956 admitted: "My cat, will I swear, meow till he gets his treat (a bit of moist food with dry food), then meow till I turn on the TV. Then he'll sit and watch TV. I don't know where he got it from."

Silverback_79 commented: "When my cat does that he wants the full treatment, including tugging the sideburn whiskers, rubbing his eyebrows, pulling on the nape of the neck until his third eyelids close in contentment."

San003 gushed: "We don't deserve cats."

Cdiddy19 typed: "Aaawww."

Recently, a cat also went viral on Reddit for its ability to rise above a puppy playfully nibbling at its face and body.

Throughout the 22-second long clip the cat appears totally unperturbed, calmly staring off into the distance while ignoring the young dog's actions.

The hilarious video is captioned: "My cat doesn't even care anymore."

Cat and woman
A stock image of woman kissing a cat. On Reddit a video of cat trying to kiss their owner has gone viral. iStock

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