Cat Steps In to 'Protect' Golden Retriever From Big Feline in Cute Video

A video showing a small cat stepping in to protect a golden retriever from their owner's other significantly larger feline has sparked delight online.

Footage of the young foster cat shielding Goldie the dog from any potential attack was shared to TikTok by urbaelou, where it has already been watched 2.2 million times.

It can be watched here.


Cutest thing i seen today was a smaller cat protecting a bigger dog from a big cat 😭✨😭✨

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The clip captures the fascinating dynamics at play between cats and dogs co-existing in the home. Many might assume that the old adage about cats and dogs rarely getting along rang true, but the reality is a little more complicated than that.

While some cats undoubtedly cannot stand the sight of a dog around the house, others are happy to live alongside their canine friends. This was perhaps best exemplified in a 2020 study conducted by researchers in Italy that saw 1,270 pet owners who had both a cat and a dog quizzed on their general behavior.

The findings highlighted the unique bond that exists between some of the pairs with the results showing that 64 percent of cats and dogs played together at least sometimes while 58 percent slept next to each other on occasions.

More significantly still, 11 percent of cats and dogs were found to sleep side by side every night, according to the study. By contrast, just 18 percent of cats and dogs who lived together ignored each other while only 10 percent of cats hissed at dogs while 2 percent of dogs did the same back.

Those figures go some way to explaining the unique dynamic that appears to be playing out in the video. While the older of the two foster cats appears at odd with the golden retriever and is seemingly readying itself to pounce, the young cat is evidently eager to protect their new four-pawed friend.

Apparently sensing the tension, the small cat puts itself between the bigger feline and the dog, evidently trying to de-escalate the situation. Whatever the truth, it does the truck with Goldie escaping unscathed and instead enjoying a snuggle up with his new furry pal.

Posting the video to social media, urbaelou described the drama witnessed as the "cutest thing" she had seen that day - and she wasn't alone. Viewers flooded the comments section on the clip with similar statements. "The way the cat protects the dog's throat," chiiiiiiiiken said. "That's super sweet!!"

Nicholas Lim105, meanwhile, noticed Goldie's "tail wag when he knows little kitty got his back" with nell8499 also pointing out "the instant sigh of relief and smile when the baby stood in front of him."

TrishkaaMaharaj was convinced the golden retriever was "smiling when the cat assumed the protection stance" while wellahteedah was sure the cat "actually 'kissed' the dog saying don't worry I got this." Despite the drama, Jefferson Fas was convinced "they are gonna be the bestest siblings."

Newsweek has contacted urbaelou for comment.

A golden retriever and a cat.
Stock image of a golden retriever and a cat. A brave feline has been praised for protecting his owner's dog from a bigger cat. Irina Kashaeva/Getty

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