Internet Divided Over Viral Clip Showing Pup Defending Guinea Pig From Cat

A video showing a small dog that seemingly protected a guinea pig from a cat has gone viral on the Reddit forum "Aww," but viewers' opinions on the clip were split.

After sniffing the guinea pig, the cat raised its paw, but before it could do anything, the pup scurried forward. While some commenters found the video sweet, others shared their concern for the guinea pig.

"Don't touch her," read the title of the post, which received more than 11,000 votes after it was shared by u/saptarshihalderI. It originally appeared on @jadelyn097's TikTok account where it was viewed more than 675,000 times.

According to the Animal Humane Society, guinea pigs can be social animals with their owner and other guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig
Viewers were divided over a video that showed a dog seemingly defending a guinea pig from a cat. Above, a stock image of a guinea pig. PROMT8/iStock

If the owners are out of the house for most of the day, it is beneficial to have a second guinea pig.

While an owner can have other pets, the organization noted it is important to keep an eye on any interactions between them and the guinea pig.

"Interactions with dogs, cats and other pets should always be carefully supervised," the organization stated. "Never leave a guinea pig unattended in the presence of a dog, cat, ferret or any other predatory animal."

Sarah Bhimani, the internal communications and content producer with Animal Humane Society, told Newsweek in an email that these animals can be unpredictable when they are near a prey animal, even if they've been previously been gentle.

To keep a guinea pig safe, it should have an enclosure that is sturdy and large enough for them. And, it should be out of other pets' reach.

"If you'd like to get your dog or cat used to the sight, smell and sound of a guinea pig, keep the guinea pig in their enclosure and bring your other pet in—on a leash/restrained by you—for a very brief time," Bhimani said.

She noted that some animals with a high prey drive may never get calm when they are around a guinea pig and should be kept away from it.

After the dog scurried forward and stopped the cat from doing anything to the guinea pig, the two stared at one another. The dog hopped up on the couch and looked down at the cat.

The cat eventually laid down on the floor as the dog kept a watchful eye on it.

All the while, the guinea pig remained in the same spot.

A viewer wrote that the cat may not be undeterred from what it was going to do to the guinea pig, and another Reddit user agreed with them.

"Yeah...that is exactly how my cat 'sits' when I tell him not to touch something but he is 'pretending to comply so he can try again the instant he thinks I'm not looking,'" they wrote. "Cat is just waiting for their chance."

Another commented, "[Cat's] like, 'OK God f**k I won't touch her.'"

Though some joked about what happened in the video, many were worried about the guinea pig.

"Poor pig is frozen in fear," one wrote. "They shouldn't be letting that cat anywhere near it."

A Reddit user wrote that the guinea pig should be kept away from the dog as well because it is a "prey animal."

"That guinea pig should be chilling in a big safe hutch, either inside or in the yard, not whatever the hell this is," they wrote. "As someone who loves animals and good animal husbandry, posts like this really anger me. This post isn't awwww, it's yiiiiiikes."

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