Internet Laughs at Cat's Unusual Sleeping Position: 'How Do You Breathe?'

A woman has filmed the hilarious facedown position her cat regularly falls asleep in. Although it might not look comfortable, the feline appears to have no problems having a cat nap with her head pressed down against the bed.

The videos were shared by the TikTok page @pennythegingercat showing the cat's strange sleeping positions on a regular basis. This one video has generated almost 25 million views, as the cat's owner asks her, "how do you breathe?"

In this TikTok clip, Penny's owner gently calls her to wake up. The cat lifts her head and can only muster enough energy to open her eyes just enough to glare at the owner. The caption alongside the video reads: "sorry guys Penny was feeling extra tired today," which explains the cat's grumpy reaction.

Cat Sleeps In Hilarious Position
Image shows a cat sleeping on a chair. A cat has gone viral on TikTok for the hilarious way she sleeps with her face down, as her owner jokes that she "doesn't like to breathe." Getty Images/Mete Basar

The advice website PetMD states that cats can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, so it's vital that they are comfortable. Cats are adept at falling asleep in a variety of positions, but there are reasons for the various ways in which the animals sleep.

PetMD notes that a cat sleeping on its back feels "safe and confident," while if a cat sleeps perched on furniture, it might be to gain safety from somewhere higher up, keeping their distance from other pets or children.

However, when it comes to strange positions, the website states that what might look highly uncomfortable could be very cozy for the cat. The flexibility of cats means what looks very awkward for the pet might be quite the opposite. The "discs in a cat's spinal column are very elastic," so they can twist and turn their bodies to find the right position.

This ginger cat's habit of sleeping face down has earned her plenty of plaudits online, with her TikTok bio even reading: "I sleep face down and love my treats." In an earlier video, the owner wrote that her cat "doesn't like to breathe" as she buries her face.


still don’t know how she sleeps like this

♬ original sound - 𝓜𝓲𝓪𝓪_❤️🚛

Veterinarian Zac Pilossoph told Newsweek about how felines seek protection while they sleep. "The most-common position cats sleep in is referred to as the crescent position. Cats sleep in this position for two main reasons. It helps them conserve heat, and it helps them protect their chest and abdominal vital organs.

"This was important for survival when cats lived in the wild, and it's a behavior that has been carried into domestic cats."

Curling up tightly isn't the only way cat can feel protected, however. Pilossoph said they often "try to fit into boxes, bags or hide under covers" when they're tired.


sorry guys penny was feeling xtra tired today

♬ original sound - Penny 🐱

The video that was shared on January 24 already has 6 million likes, as many TikTok users show appreciation for the tired cat. One commented: "The one eye still stuck is the exact representation of me on a Monday morning," while another user wrote: "Penny is like, why can't I just sleep in peace!"

It doesn't seem that @pennythegingercat will stop sleeping facedown any time soon, so as long as it works for her and she's happy, she can continue sleeping however she wants.

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