Cat's Lavish Bedroom With Mini Stripper Pole Viewed 57M Times

A woman has shared the room she's dedicated to her cats, complete with a mini-disco ball and stripper pole.

Peggy White shares her home with three cats, Gulliver, Herman and Frankie, and two dogs, but there's no shortage of space for her four-legged friends.

White, thought to be from Oklahoma, turned a walk-in closet into a feline haven, with fairy lights, plants, a fluffy rug, cat beds, steps leading to various levels and a mirror.

But it's also kitted out with a water fountain, a hanging bed in the middle of the room, a disco ball and a stripper stage with a pole.

She shared a clip of the bespoke space—which has a cat-flap in the door for access—to her TikTok account, @chateaublanche, where it has amassed a whopping 57 million views.

People were blown away by the lavish interior, which White claimed was "nicer" than her own bedroom.

In follow-up videos, and responding to comments, she explained more about the décor, as she filmed one of her cats, Frances, aka, Frankie, chilling out inside.

"One of the three doesn't care at all about this room. But they all eat in there. Only one of them spends any time in there," White said.

And explaining more about the set-up, she said: "They have litter boxes throughout the house. This is just where they eat, drink and play."

Since the original clip, which can be seen here, blew up after being shared last month, White has been posting numerous videos sharing a break-down of where she bought the toys and decorations, as well as her trio of cats playing the room.

But a clip, uploaded at the beginning of the month, captures a disaster, as White says: "You guys called it. Frankie's a fatty. I'm not fat shaming, I'm really not, but she broke the stripper stage, her fat butt broke the stripper stage."

In the comments she confirmed: "I have since fixed and reinforced the stage."

Cat owners have been blown away with the cute hide-out, with Joy41836 saying: "I'm tired of animals living better than me."

While Crystalkitty739 joked: "You're spoiling your cat more than my mom spoiled me."

Allara Bartram commented: "All that and they still prefer the Amazon box."

Angela Viveiros wote: "When I tell you my jaw dropped."

It's not the first bespoke pet room to hit the headlines recently, after an owner built his Dachshunds their own living room, complete with a TV and bar cart.

Atlanta-based dog owner @bam12008 shared his offering to TikTok as well, revealing his pooches, Peaches, Mitzi and Challah, have their very own hang-out zone.

"Paying my dogs a visit in their mini living room," he wrote in the clip, seen more than 14 million times.

Newsweek has reached out to White for comment.

File photo of a cat.
File photo of a cat. A pet owner has showed off the lavish room dedicated to their pets, which even has a disco ball. Nils Jacobi/Getty Images