Cats Left 'Petrified' After Meeting Owner's Newborn Baby Charm the Internet

The hilarious first meeting between a family of cats and a newborn has entertained online, as the owner described her pets as "petrified" by the new addition.

Their owner captured the moment in a video that has since gone viral after being viewed over 1.7 million times. Owner Brigette posted the clip to her TikTok account under the handle @threecrazycats3.

Brigette has three cats: two of which were rescued from a "dirty pet shop," while the other is a rescued stray.

"When you bring the baby home and expect your cat to love her but instead they are petrified," wrote the owner on-screen. The video can be seen here.

The video showed the new baby sitting in a car seat, as the two black-and-white felines approached her. One looked in with extreme curiosity, while the other backed away before ultimately darting off at the touch of a human hand.

Another ginger cat approached the baby too, staring intently at the baby but making sure to keep distance.

Despite being entertaining and providing comedic relief online, the cats' reactions are not uncommon. U.K.-based pet charity Blue Cross recommends online that cat owners should introduce the baby in a quiet room "where your cat doesn't usually hangout. This can't be a place where the cat usually sleeps or eats."

"Hold your baby in your arms and allow your cat to sniff them," recommends the Blue Cross. "Your cat may appear interested for a few seconds and will then lose interest. Cats will usually become used to your baby if they are allowed to approach them in their own time."

It's also noted that owners should allow their cats to run away from the new human in their life if they wish to, and should not be forced to interact with one another.

The cat should begin to simply get used to the baby being around over time, if normal duties and life continues.

Luckily for Brigette, this appeared to be the case, as shown by an update video posted to the account. Images showed the cats sitting near the baby over the following weeks, watching while she slept and even laying near to her.

At times, the cats even attempted to join her with her toys and crib. "Eight weeks in and I think they like her," she wrote on-screen.

"They know that they will never sleep 20 hours day with this little noisy thing," joked one TikTok user.

"My cat wouldn't speak to me for days when I brought my first son home," added another.

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Newborn baby and cat
Stock image of a newborn baby and cat. Getty Images