Cat's Reaction After Woman Piles Late Husband's Shirts Has Internet Bawling

A cat has gone viral for its "sweet" reaction to his owner taking out a stack of shirts belonging to her late husband, who used to own the cat with her.

In the video, shared on TikTok by the cat's owner, who goes by the username Topaz1129, the cat went on top of the pile of shirts and spent some time sniffing them.

The post, which was originally posted at the end of March, has stirred lots of emotional reactions, and has so far reached over 253,300 likes, 2,466 comments and over 1,900 reshares.

Sad cat
A stock image shows a sad cat laying by a window. A cat has gone viral for her sweet reaction to her late father's shirts, leaving the internet in tears. Getty Images

A study on attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans published on Current Biology, has found that cats do love their owners, and are attached to them just like dogs and babies.

Data from the study shows that about 65 percent of adult cats are securely attached to their owners, and indicators of attachment include proximity seeking and separation distress.

Most users were left in tears by the cat's reaction to smelling her beloved late father's clothes. One user, Police horses, commented: "She remembers." And the poster answered: "I know. I am in shock by her reaction."

Other users shared suggestions on how to use the shirts. RosaB said: "make it into a pillow for your furbaby." And Wayne Manley added: "Awesome idea."

Another user, Adele Evans Photography explained: "The mouth opening: this action helps the organ to process the scent more deeply than your cat's nose can and sends signals to your cat's brain." To which the poster answered: "I had wondered why she sat there with her mouth open!!"

Some users were left in tears by the cat's love for her late father.

Steve commented: "We don't deserve these creatures." Tracy said: "Just balled my eyes out. So sorry for your loss." Kittiesmakemehappy added: "Hi I'm crying." And MariaVonBeaverhausen wrote: "She knows that's her daddy's."

JoJo Y B said: "So that's what cat grief looks like Felt this one my soul Smell my grans house coat so often. Hope you're all doing as well as you can."

Other users shared their own similar experiences with their cats. SaraBee From Where? Said: "My dog remembers my other dog and looks for her sometimes. It breaks my heart to watch. Animals have beautiful souls." Cats are my forté wrote: "My dad died suddenly 12 years ago and all 3 cats died within 6 months. He wanted them with him."

And mrNobody added: "one of my cats, always sleeping on my clothes, when I get up the chair she instantly sits there. she's literally the only reason I'm still alive."

Andrea commented: "Oh my heart. She definitely remembers him & was trying to inhale that scent for as long as she could! So sorry for your loss!" And Amie added: "Oh my goodness I'm so sorry for your loss and this is so sweet and so sad."

The Puppy Show said: "The smell is such a triggering memory for everyone! So sorry for your loss!!!!!" And Dale Waggoner975Dale said: "You shared a memory with an animal who loved him too. Love the heart felt memory. Sorry he's not with you 2."

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