Cats 'Trick or Treating' at New Neighbor's House Have Internet in Stitches

A picture of two cats "trick or treating" their new neighbor has gone viral on the internet, leaving viewers amused.

The photograph was first shared on Reddit by the cats' neighbor, who goes by the username optimushime, and has so far received over 31,000 upvotes and 600 comments. It can be seen here.

In the post, the user explained that while they were trying to play a video game, the cats surprised them by knocking on their door. "New city, new apartment, I'm trying to play Elden Ring and they've been staring at me for 20 minutes," the post read.

In a further comment, the user told the r/aww subreddit community that they believe the cats belong to their neighbors and were at their door just begging for a treat.

"I'm pretty optimistic that they are neighbor's cat's trick or treating. We left the porch light on tonight but have been here for a week and they had not appeared. They certainly hadn't looked like they'd been on their own for a week and their behavior was pretty calm and collected, just regarding me and maybe one 'hey you got a treat for us?' double-paw hop at the door," the user wrote.

About 42.7 million houses in the U.S. currently own at least one cat and 87 percent of them are neutered or spayed, according to statistics updated this month by Petpedia. Over 73 million cats in the U.S. are currently feral or unowned, and it's estimated that 1.6 million cats get adopted from shelters every year.

One user, JadedTourist, pointed out that if the cats always show up around at the same time and then leave, they are probably just trying to get some treats, but if they turn up three times a day and stay longer it might be the case that the original poster is actually in what used to be their home "for a good while."

Other Redditors raised the issue that they may even be stray cats looking for a home. GrimReefer308 commented: "OP please just ask [your] neighbor if they are the owner, because this may indeed be abandoned cats."

And u/optimushime reassured them saying: "I promise the last thing I would want is to ignore abandoned cats so I'll be in touch with the landlord and tenants to make sure they have a home already. But I am optimistic we can all rest assured that they're cared for, if it turns out that they aren't, I won't let them go uncared for."

While many comments called for the original poster to find the cats' family, one user, Danny-Dynamita, righteously pointed out that finding them may not be as easy as some of the Redditors on the thread believe. "It's pretty unrealistic to try to pinpoint the specific person that will know that information in a urban neighborhood. Thousands of people live there and maybe less than 10 people know these cats," they wrote.

On the funny side, a user who goes by the nickname Lexafaye asked if they were optimushime's own cats, to which they answered: "Can anyone really own a cat? I think they claimed me regardless. They haven't come back tonight, must have moved on to greener pastures."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Two cute cats
A stock image shows two cats chilling on a rug. A picture of two cats "trick or treating" their neighbor has left the internet in stitches. Getty Images