Video: Cara Maria and Paulie Calafiore Get Closer on 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning'

It's still early on in The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore are already starting to bond. Their flirtation from the first night in the house continues in the second episode of Season 32 on Tuesday.

Cara Maria went into this Challenge house having a history with Kyle Christie. They got together during last season, Vendettas, earlier this year, and made plans to see each other outside of the MTV reality series. However, as she told Newsweek last week, on Final Reckoning, Kyle was "the complete opposite" of the "lovable goofball" he'd been on Vendettas. "Not only did I lose somebody that I was hooking up with that made Vendettas a great experience for me," she shared, "he comes into this season like a d**k."

As fans saw in the premiere, Cara Maria started flirting with Big Brother's Paulie to make Kyle jealous on the first night. There's more of that in the next episode, as seen in the exclusive clip below.

Paulie asks if he should change into his "Batman outfit" to match her Wonder Woman one and does a "Why so serious?" Joker impression. "That would turn me on," she tells him, and he replies, "Then I'm going to say it more."

Brad Fiorenza joins them to find out Cara Maria's thoughts on his partner, Kyle. "He's a snake, and anytime he opens his mouth, he's lying and manipulating everybody around him," she says. While they are a strong team, Brad says he is nervous because Kyle "doesn't show very much stability."

Cara Maria then admits that the hardest thing about Final Reckoning is having teams where she supports one side but not the other. She noted that to Newsweek as well, teasing that team members end up being part of different alliances, which leads to "some serious head-butting" when it comes to making decisions as the season progresses.

Going into the house and at the time of the second episode, Paulie had a girlfriend and had told Cara Maria that nothing could happen. He says in the clip that they were bonding "on a very good friendship level." Since then, the two have started dating.

She felt "connected" to him when they first met at the airport before The Challenge: Final Reckoning began, she told E! News on July 10. Part of the reason she "kept gravitating back to Paulie" was that he had a girlfriend, she continued, explaining, "It made me feel safe that we actually weren't going to do anything, that he would not try anything with me but I could joke with him." She didn't share when that changed because it would reveal what happens on the show.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.