What is 'The Challenge: USA' and How Does it Work? The Rules Explained

After running for over 20 years on MTV, The Challenge has moved channels and switched up its casting.

For it first season on CBS The Challenge: USA has enlisted a cast of 28 reality TV favourites to take part in a series of physical challenges, all for the chance to win a huge $500,000 prize.

T.J. Levin has fronted the show since 2005 and he will also be presenting this new edition.

But how will this brand-new format work? What are the rules?

Newsweek has everything you need to know about The Challenge: USA.

The cast of "The Challenge: USA"
"Love Island", "Big Brother", "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race" stars make up the cast of "The Challenge: USA". CBS

How Does The Challenge: USA Work?

In a sneak-peek clip posted to MTV's YouTube, host T.J. can be seen explaining the concept of the series to the 28 contestants.

After welcoming the stars to the competition, the 45-year-old host warns: "You will be faced with challenges and eliminations that are harder than anything that you've ever done before."

It is then explained that all contestants will start with $1000. To make it to the final, however, they will need to have at least $5000. Money can be gained by either winning one of the physical challenges or winning an elimination.

Paramount has also revealed that each week an algorithm will randomly pair two contestants to compete against each other to earn the money for their accounts, making alliances and strategies "more difficult than ever".

As well as a $500,000 prize being at stake, the winner of The Challenge: USA will also win a spot on the upcoming global Challenge tournament, set to steam on Paramount +.

Who Is In The Challenge: USA cast?

CBS have gathered legends from different reality TV shows to compete in the series.

The cast of "The Challenge: USA"
Xavier Prather, who won "Big Brother", is taking part in "The Challenge: USA". CBS

Names such as Big Brother's latest winner Xavier Prather, Love Island exes Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr, and Survivor regular Tyson Apostol have all been confirmed to join the cast.

When Does The Challenge: USA Start?

The Challenge: USA begins on Wednesday, July 6, with subsequent episodes following each Wednesday. The show's premiere immediately follows the launch of Big Brother season 24, so fans have a blockbuster night of reality television in store for them.

Julie Chen Moonves is returning as host of the latest edition of long-running favourite Big Brother.

And who knows, maybe some of the new cast will have a chance to compete on the next season of The Challenge: USA.

The Challenge: USA starts on CBS at 9:30/ 8:30c on Wednesday, July 6.