14 'Cinderella' Memes and Reactions That Sum Up the Amazon Movie

The new Cinderella movie reimagines the story in the same traditional setting, but with a modern narrative twist. This has had mixed reviews thus far, with some wishing for their favorite adaptations of the past.

Twitter has been awash with memes, images and comments about the movie, both good and bad.

While some have praised performances and the feminist take on the story, others have been a little more critical of the presence of actors like James Corden, and willed for the return of other adaptations.

There have been a number of live-action adaptations of Cinderella, the most famous being the 2015 film starring Lily James and Richard Madden, as well as the 1997 classic starring Brandy Norwood and Whitney Houston, based on the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

The new version is a jukebox musical, meaning it takes much of its music from pre-released songs such as Madonna's "Material Girl", "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson and Ed Sheeran's "Perfect".

The movie has garnered a great many memes over the past few days - we've put together some of our favorites from the good, the bad and the ugly.

Fans React to James Corden

nobody in the world works harder than james corden’s agent

— lauryn✨ (@laurynwazhere) August 3, 2021

The Monstrous Mouse Transformation

Watched the new Cinderella film out of curiosity. It could've been better, had we not had to see this monster.. 😬 pic.twitter.com/tGnqzxd55E

— The Golden God (@Zeppelinlover1) September 3, 2021

Idina Menzel is the New Madonna

Just saw Cinderella (2021) in theaters pic.twitter.com/WhvNLGtK48

— paul art smith (@PaulArtSmith) September 5, 2021

Beverly Knight is Us As a Teenager

me looking in my closet trying to get dressed for school #CinderellaMovie pic.twitter.com/MzLMq676Je

— lyd (@shamelessdgy) September 3, 2021

Queen Gwen

WE NEED MORE OF OUR QUEEN GWEN💓🥺 #CinderellaMovie pic.twitter.com/bw01Sxvnta

— Luna Lazaro (@LMCabellow) September 3, 2021

A Glowing Review

If you haven’t watched the new Cinderella, no need.

— Kenya J Sanchez (@xoKenyaJSanchez) September 3, 2021

Fifth Harmony

The other four members of Fifth Harmony watching Cinderella (2021): pic.twitter.com/SrHxNWndgo

— Jesse Thee Slade 🥂 (@Jesse_bslade) September 5, 2021

Three Lily James Appreciations Posts

cinderella live action remakes peaked with this, hollywood can stop trying to make new ones. pic.twitter.com/oomQUzW3YM

— sylvia. (@songofjon) September 4, 2021

Telling my kids this was the only Cinderella movie pic.twitter.com/dNlmTYyGWE

— hailey 🍸 (@cateownsme) September 4, 2021

My thoughts regarding live action Cinderella adaptions! pic.twitter.com/P6zhNmy78v

— RazorRex is Hyped for Scooby Doo Meets Courage (@ChaseRazor) September 4, 2021

Some Longed for the Original

This is my Cinderella. She doesn’t need to be a girlboss pic.twitter.com/ZPZjkJ6LBp

— Kels 🌸🎀 (@ShoujoIsMyLove) September 5, 2021

Fans Praised Brandy and Whitney

“C’mon children. Let’s go watch the Brandy Cinderella” pic.twitter.com/44SjvP5ulg

— i stay sad💭 (@felgentz) September 5, 2021

Feminism At Its Best

The Cinderella is GIRL POWER!! #CinderellaMovie pic.twitter.com/CjLENAkKyw

— 💝MPPH | Shanaya (@_Shanaya___) September 5, 2021

A Heartwarming Message

THIS. this right here is exactly the message i needed to hear in movies when i was a young girl. im so glad little girls all over the world can finally hear this in the #CinderellaMovie I in awe with this movie @CamilaAccess pic.twitter.com/3l2YOvakCR

— rahe 💫 MY BESTIE IS CINDERELLA (@cabellosbestie) September 3, 2021
Camila Cabello Million to One
Camila Cabello plays the lead Cinderella Amazon Prime

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