Cinema Usher's Picture of Trashed Movie Theater Sparks Debate—'That's Your Job No?'

A disgruntled movie theater usher has ignited a debate around the expectations placed on those who work in hospitality and service industries.

When budding filmmaker and theater worker Patrick J Dennis first posted a picture to Twitter of the sight that greeted him at the end of one recent screening, he could never have known what would come next.

Unfortunately, what Dennis shared was an image all too familiar to many movie theater goers: the sight of a back row littered with discarded sodas, popcorn and other assorted snacks.

All of which had been left for Dennis and his colleagues to clean up.

Posting the picture to Twitter, the worker's frustration was palpable. "Literally WHAT is the point of ordering food at a theater if you're basically just gonna dump it on the floor," he wrote. "I can't believe I had to clean this."

The tweet quickly gained traction and, at the time of writing, has been retweeted or quoted over 23,000 times. It also earned more than 180,000 likes.

Plenty responding to the tweet expressed sympathy. "I am so sorry. I know your pain," JakeyButNot wrote. "Accidents happen, spills happen, it's whatever. But at a certain point it's clear it's either done on purpose or with a clear disregard of any form of human decency."

Elsewhere, a former movie theater usher, writing as Sailor Lexapro, recalled how the job convinced them "some people aren't 100 percent fully evolved humans."

"Could not stand this when I worked at a theater," they said. "Especially when someone would eat an entire pack of sunflower seeds, and spit the shells all over the floor or fill the cupholder." Another, posting as MasonIn8MM commented: "I had someone vomit into a popcorn bag and leave it in the theater."

Other theater workers simply shared pictures of the chaos that had been left behind for them to clean up.

One user, writing as realsenorfap, recalled how they ended a friendship after witnessing a similar occurrence during a trip to the movies. "I had this friend who while we were leaving a theater dumped everything on the ground and when I said dude wtf. He said 'this is why these people get paid.'"

For some, that same argument still held weight.

A person posting as _jaylen wrote, sarcastically, in response: "When you have to go to work and do your job." Ua_corra added: "Gotta give them some work to do. [Their] shift would be boring and drag if they didn't have anything to do."

An incredulous BattleRedTalk added: "That's your job no?" The84Chambers echoed that sentiment in their tweet, which simply read: "It's your job, so..."

Dennis refused to accept this line of argument, returning to his tweet to offer a response to such claims.

"Would it be okay if we just started knocking stuff off grocery store shelves onto the floor just because it's someone's job to pick the stuff back up?" he wrote.

"All the justification for this is just 'they bought the food they can do whatever they want with it.' What MORAL justification do you have for making our jobs harder simply because you're legally allowed to? What moral justification do you have for being an a**hole to us?"

Newsweek has contacted Dennis for comment.

In December 2021, a video of a trashed movie theater went viral on TikTok.

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Spilled popcorn on a movie theater floor.
Stock image of spilled popcorn on a movie theater floor. An usher has hit at audiences for leaving excessive amounts of garbage behind at screenings. lolostock/Getty