Cleaners Reveal 'Body Outline' On a Bed After a Man Lay Dead for a Week

Professional cleaners have revealed the "outline" left on a bed after a man lay dead for at least a week before being discovered.

Spaulding Decon, which shares aftermath videos on their TikTok page, Crime Scene Cleaning, uploaded a video sharing one of its latest projects.

The video, shared last Saturday, says: "Have you ever seen a body outline on a bed? This is from the scene of a decomp where a man passed away on his bed.

"He was undiscovered for at least a week. We have to cut out the biohazard on the bed and dispose of it. All the materials contaminated with bio will then be incinerated."

The video has racked up more than 11 million views, as people expressed their shock at how much a body decomposes in such a short amount of time.

The footage begins with the cameraman panning the windowsill, which is full of dead flies, passing a tablet that is still plugged in.

They then film the bed, in an unknown location, which has ominous brown stains covering it.

Pillows and quilts are piled up on the mattress, with similarly chilling stains. Responding to numerous comments about the state of the property, they confirmed it smelled "terribly."

The team, who said they didn't know how he passed away, added they dispose of everything properly, referring to the mattress: "We cut the bio parts out and then incinerate that. The rest is taken to the dump."

And for those questioning the ethics of sharing the videos online, they added: "We always get signed media releases to post."

The video attracted a lot of interest, with Stephany Warner writing: "The tablet just sitting there plugged in is slightly unsettling."

Approved said: "Although this is saddening it is also highly interesting being able to see how the decomposition of a human effects the bedding."

Asia Nicole asked: "Why can't you just throw the whole bed out? Is there a reason you have to cut it?"

While Orion commented: "It makes me so sad that people just die like this and no one notices for that long."

Describing more about what it does, Spaulding Decon's page explains: "We're crime scene cleaners! Lookout for hoards, crime scene & drug lab cleans!"

While its YouTube page, which features mini-episodes of their most memorable cleans, goes into further detail, saying: "Do you ever wonder what happens when the police leave? Crime scene cleaners are private companies that handle the clean-up after the police are gone.

"Spaulding Decon is one of the nation's largest clean-up companies handling the aftermath of homicide, suicides, decompositions, hoarding and much more."

Newsweek has reached out to Spaulding Decon for comment.

Man in a hazmat cleaning suit
Stock image of a man in a hazmat cleaning suit. Crime Scene Cleaners shared a clip online detailing the aftermath of a biohazard situation they attended. D-Keine/Getty Images