Man Finds Drunken Note He Left Behind the Fridge Eight Years Ago

A man found a drunken note he left for himself behind the refrigerator eight years ago, when he finally moved the appliance after selling his house.

Kenny Dunn shared an image of his kitchen on Reddit, under the name Dunnkw, with a huge fridge-shaped patch on the wall, which was still white.

In the blank space, a message had been scrawled with what appears to be a large paintbrush in the same blue shade as the rest of the wall.

"I didn't paint here so F.U.," it said.

Dunn revealed he painted the house eight years ago, and again around five years ago.

But it seems he didn't fancy painting it then either, as beneath the giant lettering it said in small font: "Not the second time either!"

The 39-year-old captioned the post: "Moving day. Looks like drunk me left a note for future self. I've been sober 4.5 years. Man that guy was a jerk."

message scrawled behind Kenny Dunn's refrigerator
The message scrawled behind Kenny Dunn's refrigerator. The recovering alcoholic also found a second message he wrote, when he refused to paint the wall a second time. Kenny Dunn / dunnkw

Dunn, a recovering alcoholic who's documented his recovery online on Instagram and a podcast, explained both notes were written before he got sober.

He told Newsweek: "I just sold my home and was in the process of moving all of my things out our house. The new owners have their own refrigerator so when I pulled my fridge out of I found a couple of notes that I had forgotten that I left myself.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic and I painted the inside of my home 8 years ago. Since the refrigerator was covering that spot I must have thought it was amusing to paint a message for myself for the next time I pulled out the fridge. About five years ago and in the absolute depth of my alcoholism I had to replace the fridge and I left a note in sharpie reminding myself that I skipped the opportunity to paint over it.

"I've been sober now for four and a half years and I'm living my best life so when I pulled the fridge out to move it I thought the Reddit community would get a kick out of it."

The locomotive engineer's post racked up more than a thousand comments online, as he claimed he was glad he didn't have to shift any other appliances.

Dunn, whose Twitter describes himself as a father and husband from Vancouver, Washington, explained: "New buyers had a new fridge and told us they didn't want ours. Thank god they wanted the washer/dryer. Who knows what kind of nonsense I painted back there."

Photo of Kenny Dunn
Photo of Kenny Dunn. The locomotive engineer has been sober for the past four-and-a-half years. Kenny Dunn / sobrietycosmos

His note from the past attracted a lot of interest online after it was shared on Tuesday, as Terminix221166 joked: "Redditor in me: This is f****** staged. Alcoholic in me: This is totally plausible."

EnvironmentalNobody pointed out: "I was gonna say, drunk you was still painting most of the place."

JayRemy42 thought: "It probably took more time to paint that message than to just roll it out in a hurry, not caring about the finish. Drunk you was really committed to being a jerk! If you're gonna do it, do it right, I guess."

Agreeing, justplainmeni added: "With all that effort to write in the unpainted spot, why not just paint it?"

"At least you were a productive drunk?" illinestBBoy added.

And lots of people congratulated Dunn on his sobriety, with ellepizo writing: "Way to go on sobriety. My dad's an alcoholic and I know it's been a lifelong struggle for him. I'm sending hopes your way that the sober road has a smoother path!"

Dunn later confirmed to Newsweek he was planning on painting over the message imminently.