Woman Reveals 'Liquid Cancer' in a Smoker's Blanket Not Washed in 30 Years

A woman has revealed the filth lurking inside a smoker's blanket which hasn't been washed in 30 years, admitting it "stinks."

She shared the grim cleaning routine on TikTok, under the name Tad, as she set about strip washing the blankets in the bath, thought to have belonged to her gran.

The 30-year-old said: "Stripping a smoker's blanket. They [smoked] inside for 30 years."

The clip shows the blanket neatly folded up, before switching to a shot of the tub—which is now filled with black water.

"This was after five minutes. So dark my hand disappeared," she said, putting her bare hand in the water.

People were aghast, and Tad later admitted: "I instantly regretted my decision when my hand smelled like an old cigarette."

The horrifying clip has amassed more than nine million views since being shared late last month, with so much interest generated that she has now uploaded another two videos.

She explained that she was keeping the blankets, despite them stinking of smoke, as they were family heirlooms.

Tad said: "I'm not throwing it away because it's my family's super-old, vintage thing. And I like it, I think it's cute. Yes it stunk, it stunk terribly. My hand has not aged overnight, although I think it looked old to begin with."

And she shared the results of the first strip wash, holding up the blankets which look slightly cleaner—but still smell of smoke.

Showing the quilt from the original video, Tad said: "Number one, the guy I showed in the video, I did not strip it, the colours are still there. I used vinegar and warm water. It still stinks."

She revealed there were two more blankets, as she continued: "Number two is this really cool patchwork quilt. My grandma was in some club, I think, one of her friends made this. And number three is massive. It's like a huge wall tapestry. Everything still stinks. Also yes I'm aware I didn't wear gloves, that was impulse. [sic]"

Tad then strip washes them again, captioning the clip, shared at the beginning of this month: "It was still super gross."

She free-poured a mix of vinegar and borax into the tub, and this time made sure to wear gloves before touching the grimy water.

Tad revealed the water turned brown after just a few seconds, and proceeded to get darker until it was almost opaque.

"Not even five minutes after," Tad said, putting her now-gloved hand under the water, which was barely visible.

Numerous people have commented on the clips in horror, with Hi noting: "That is liquid cancer."

While Leif agreed and called it "cancer water," while Kamiron wrote: "Imagine the lungs though."

Timbercollette added: "And that blanket was just second hand smoke, think about inhaling stuff like that for 30 years."

While Hubert admitted: "My soul left the body when she touched the water."

Hand holding a cigarette smoking
Stock image of a hand holding a cigarette smoking. A woman has revealed the filth lurking inside a smoker's blanket which hasn't been washed in 30 years. Doucefleur/Getty Images