Clever Bear Captured on Video Opening Front Door to House

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared a video on Tuesday to remind residents that food sources for bears should be put away after one was seen opening a storm door with its mouth.

The video, which was captured on a home security camera, showed a bear approaching Douglas Lemon's house in Pond Eddy, New York, last year.

"Spring is upon us, which means some areas of New York State will begin to see hungry bears emerging from dens in the coming weeks," the department's video caption stated. "DEC would like to remind you to limit food sources such as bird feeders, pet food and open trash containers to reduce bear conflicts with humans."

According to information sent to Newsweek by the DEC, black bears have begun to emerge from their winter dens in mid to late March.

Black Bear
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared a video sent to them of a bear that managed to open a storm door with its mouth. Above, a stock image of a black bear. Kory Bumgardner/iStock

If they manage to find food easily, they tend to return to that location. The department encourages homeowners to seal their garbage cans and keep them in a garage or shed.

In addition to garbage, bears may also go after bird feed.

Per the department, black bears are rarely seen by most New Yorkers but may be found in semi-rural environments, agricultural areas and occasionally in urban centers.

In the video, the bear saunters through Lemon's yard and walks up the steps. It sniffed and pawed at the door before it managed to open it using its mouth.

With the door handle still in its mouth, the bear leaned back, pulling the door open wider. It managed to get its paw on the door, took its mouth off of the handle and pushed the door open all the way.

However, the bear quickly lost interest and turned around to walk away, leaving the door to swing shut.

Some viewers wrote that they had a similar experience.

"We have them here most every summer, there [are] woods behind us along here," one Facebook user wrote.

Another shared that three bears appeared on their home security camera at night.

Black bears have had numerous interactions with humans, some of which were captured on video and in photos.

A viral TikTok shows a black bear that crashed a wedding in Mexico. The bear leaned across a table and knocked over a centerpiece and cutlery. After approaching some guests, the bear walked away.

Another bear managed to get into a house, and photos that were shared on Facebook showed the mess it left behind. In the span of 45 minutes, the bear ripped up walls and damaged a doorknob.

One woman shared photos on Reddit of a bear that was taking a nap on her porch's couch in Asheville, North Carolina.