Internet Not Prepared for What Happens When 'Clingy' Dog Is Let Off Lead

A clingy Pomeranian refusing to "run free" has TikTok users in stitches.

The hilarious footage was shared by user @minniesadventureblog, and begins with Minnie's owner scanning the park with her camera, searching for the tiny Pomeranian who has just been let off her leash. The dog is nowhere to be seen, that is, until she points the camera to the ground.

It turns out Minnie hasn't gone very far, with the pup standing on the path next to her dog dad—complete with a derpy look on her face.

"When I let our clingy dog off the lead," wrote @minniesadventureblog alongside the clip, followed by, "Run free little dog."

Since being shared on February 8, the funny footage has received 1.5 million views and over 60,000 likes. It can be seen here.


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Why Is My Dog So Clingy?

Leigh Siegfried, CEO and founder of dog-behavior trainers Opportunity Barks, describes Minnie as a "stage five clinger"—aka super-attached to their owner.

"We tend to think that given the opportunity, every dog would like to be free range, but it completely depends on the dog's comfort level and temperament," Siegfried told Newsweek.

For example, smaller breeds might be nervous to run off and explore, especially if they're new to being off the leash.

"The dog might hang closer to the person, particularly if they're used to walking on a shorter leash," Siegfried said.

If you're training a young dog and want to encourage them to explore, Siegfried recommends starting with a long-line or retractable leash to increase their comfort levels.

"This allows the dog free range, but with a safety system built in," she said.

A pomeranian dog lying on a path
A stock photo of a Pomeranian dog lying on a path wearing a leash. Fellow Pomeranian owners could relate to the "stage five clinger" situation. Umair Ansar/iStock/Getty Images Plus

You can also work to build your dog's confidence, whatever their age, through exposure. This involves prioritizing natural dog behaviors while outdoors, such as sniffing, peeing, pooping and generally exploring the area.

"If your dog isn't doing these things, it's a sign they aren't relaxed," Siegfried said.

Although, the fact that your dog chooses to stay close by shows they trust you, as it's an instinctive habit passed down from their wolf-pack ancestors.

"It's amazing if you have the kind of relationship where your dog wants to stay close to you," Siegfried said.

"Some dogs are naturally very curious, others might need some help figuring the whole exploration out.

"One isn't better than the other, you just have to know your dog."

'The Pommie Smile Tho'

Fellow Pomeranian owners could relate, with Meg commenting: "I also have a Pomeranian shadow."

"Haha my pom is the same way!" said Kimberly Cobb.

"I constantly have to tell my pom 'Go be a dog!'" wrote Huckleberry.

"The pommie smile tho," said Tasha.

"I let my pom off lead I'm like 'where is she?'" commented Kelsi. "She's so small I can't always see her, look down at my feet and she's at my heel just smiling at me."

Others wished they had a pup that behaved as well as Minnie, with Natalia asking: "How does it feel to live my dream?"

"My dog will leave and never come back," she joked.

"Lucky, my husky would be in the pond over there," said Kassandra Mae.

"My dog emigrates," wrote Tessa Rose.

While Yuletide Couch commented: "Mine cannot wait to be free of me at the park and then spends the entire time pretending he doesn't know me."

Newsweek has reached out to @minniesadventureblog for comment.

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