CNN's Don Lemon Rips Josh Hawley For Cancel Culture Claims, Asks 'Do You Need a Binkie?'

CNN anchorman Don Lemon on Monday evening mocked Missouri Senator Josh Hawley for claiming that he's a victim of left-wing "cancel culture" over backlash he has experienced following his opposition to Congress certifying President Joe Biden's election win.

Hawley's critics say that his opposition to Biden's victory helped inspired insurrectionists who ransacked the Capitol on January 6. The insurrectionists had hoped to prevent Congress from certifying Biden as the election's winner.

In a cover essay published by the New York Post on Monday, Hawley claimed he had been "canceled" and "muzzled" in the U.S. since experiencing backlash to his anti-Biden votes, including having his book dropped by publisher Simon & Schuster—though it has since been picked up by an independent publisher—and possibly facing censure through a congressional investigation.

After noting that Hawley appeared on Fox News on Monday night to bemoan cancel culture and that Hawley had those same complaints published Monday morning in the Post, the CNN anchor laughed at the idea that Hawley has in any way been "canceled" or "muzzled."

Josh Hawley Don Lemon cancel culture binkie
CNN Anchor Don Lemon has criticized Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley for his claiming to be a victim of left-wing "cancel culture" after Hawley voted in opposition of approving the Electoral College's votes to seat now-President Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Greg Nash-Pool/Getty

"I have some bridges I want to sell you if you fall for that," Lemon said. "Because no one has muzzled Josh Hawley. What happened to Josh Hawley isn't cancel culture, it's called consequences... That's how the First Amendment works. Say whatever you want, but you gotta pay the price if you say something stupid, or you do something stupid or traitorous, or if you try to overturn a duly-elected president, right?"

"He supported an effort to overturn our election which turned violent and it killed people," Lemon said before pretending to cry and stating, "He's a victim! Oh my god, he's being canceled! Poor baby! Do you need a binkie?"

"Don't fall for this, people," Lemon continued. "Think about the actions in the Capitol. Think about what happened, think about the people who died, think about the cops who were beaten by people. Think about all that."

Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also criticized Hawley earlier on Monday, tweeting "You were given prime space to say this in a billionaire-run rag that specifically amplifies right-wing views, part of a entire subsidized industry of right-wing outlets. You're not 'muzzled,' Hawley. You're just deeply unpopular, and aided insurrection. And you need to resign."

In a follow-up tweet, Ocasio-Cortez added: "Listening to them, you'd really think some Conservatives interpret the right to free speech as 'I have the right to be liked, accepted, and popular no matter what I say, who I endanger, or how much I lie.'"

Newsweek contacted Hawley's office for comment.