Josh Hawley Secures New Book Deal after Last Fell Through Following Capitol Riot

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has secured a new publisher for his upcoming book The Tyranny of Big Tech after an initial deal fell through amid a backlash he faced over his actions surrounding the violence of January 6.

Simon & Schuster were originally meant to release the book, though pulled out of this following the events at the Capitol.

Hawley bemoaned this as an act of "cancel culture," threatening to sue over the decision. He is one of a number lawmakers to attribute backlash following the riot to this.

Regnery Publishing, which describes itself as "the country's leading publisher of conservative books," is now due to publish The Tyranny of Big Tech, as first reported by The Federalist.

In a press release, shared with Newsweek, Regnery's president and publisher Thomas Spence said: "It's discouraging to see them cower before the 'woke mob,' as Senator Hawley correctly calls it. Regnery is proud to stand in the breach with him. And the warning in his book about censorship obviously couldn't be more urgent."

In the release, the publisher said that Simon & Schuster had "made the Missouri Republican one of the highest-profile victims of the 'cancel culture.'" It detailed that the book will be released in spring 2021.

Outlining its decision to drop Hawley's book on January 7, Simon & Schuster spoke of Hawley's "role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom."

"After witnessing the disturbing, deadly insurrection that took place on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., Simon & Schuster has decided to cancel publication of Senator Josh Hawley's forthcoming book, THE TYRANNY OF BIG TECH," the publishing house said in a statement.

"We did not come to this decision lightly.

"As a publisher, it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoint: at the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom."

At the time, Hawley vowed to "fight this cancel culture with everything I have."

As well as this book deal having been pulled, Hawley has also faced calls to resign from Democratic lawmakers.

This stems from him having supported objecting to the Electoral College votes from certain states, following President Donald Trump and his supporters claims that widespread fraud had impacted the outcome.

There is no evidence of irregularities on a scale which would have altered the result of the presidential election.

Hawley has said he was exercising his free speech by objecting and has defended doing so. He has condemned the violence of January 6.

Trump's supporters who stormed the Capitol had originally gathered for a rally arguing against the election outcome.

Newsweek has contacted Hawley, Regnery and Simon & Schuster for comment.

josh hawley in the house chamber
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) stands in the House Chamber during a reconvening of a joint session of Congress on January 06, 2021. He has been criticized for his actions surrounding the events of January 6. Win McNamee/Getty Images