Who Is Terry Silver? 'Cobra Kai' Season 4 Teases Big 'Karate Kid' Return

Cobra Kai season four has teased the return of another massive character from The Karate Kid franchise, Terry Silver.

The Netflix show, which initially started out on YouTube Premium in 2018, is a spin-off of the much-loved Karate Kid franchise.

The films saw Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) turn to Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) for help to learn karate in hopes of defending himself against high school bully Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Both Macchio and Zabka returned as stars of the Cobra Kai series.

The two actors are not the only familiar faces to feature in the show. Season three saw the return of John Kreese (Martin Kove), Johnny's sensei.

Now, a teaser for the latest installment of the show reveals Terry (Thomas Ian Griffith) is set to make a shock return.

The 22-second teaser shows him standing in the shadows as his famous speech can be heard echoing in the background.

"Man can't stand, he can't fight," the speech begins. "Man can't breathe, he can't fight. Man, can't see, he can't fight. Extreme situations require extreme measures."

A slogan reading "now the real pain begins" then flashes up on screen.

The caption for the YouTube video teases: "Have patience. He's just getting everything rolling. Terry Silver returns to the dojo for Cobra Kai IV."

As Karate Kid fans will remember, Terry first appeared in The Karate Kid Part III as a close friend of John.

Unbeknown to Daniel, he manipulates him into turning against Mr. Miyagi with the aim of causing him to lose at the All Valley tournament. The plan fails and results in the Cobra Kai dojo shutting down.

Season three of Cobra Kai also hinted at a return for Terry through flashbacks of John's time in Vietnam, where Terry was also stationed. In the season finale, John is seen making a mysterious phone call as he enlists help to take down Miyagi Do-Karate, which is now run by Daniel.

The next season is shaping up to be an intense one for fans with Daniel and Johnny joining forces to train their students in a bid to defeat Kreese.

Terry Silver is BACK! LFG!!! #CobraKai #CobraKaiNeverDies pic.twitter.com/ZpLOtkVS7J

— Dominick Ruocco (@DominickRuocco) May 27, 2021

The teaser has been met with an eruption of excitement from fans of the show on social media.

Twitter user @DerekBradPhotos wrote: "This is going to be the best season."

"I rewatched Karate Kid 3 a month ago and Terry Silver is one of the most over the top, goofy performances in any martial arts film. The character coming back for #CobraKai feels like a perfect fit," @pud333 added.

User @TerrySilver1989 posted: "32 years waiting, He's here @tigianpage #CobraKai."

"TERRY SILVER IS BACK!!!!! This is not going to end well for Eagle Fang or Miyagi Do. BUT I AM SO F****** EXCITED AGHHHHHH!!!! #CobraKai #Netflix #CobraKaiSeason4," @beccafinegan tweeted.

Sharing a gif of Drake shouting "let's go", @Natalie_GroMdz added: "Terry Silver is back for #CobraKai season 4. It's lit."

The first three seasons of Cobra Kai are streaming on Netflix now.

Terry Silver teaches Daniel in "Karate Kid"
Terry Silver teaches Daniel LaRusso in "The Karate Kid Part III." Columbia Pictures

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