Couple Secretly Dating Dragged For Turning Their Moms Against Each Other

A young couple have ruined their mothers' friendship by pretending to hate each other while secretly dating, in revenge for trying to hook them up.

In a post shared on Reddit, the boyfriend, who goes by the username Wonderful_Ant_9069, explained that over a year ago his mother made a new friend at work who had a daughter his age and has since tried to fix them together.

While the two didn't particularly like each other in the beginning, they grew fond of each other when they began working at the same place. However, they kept this a secret so their moms wouldn't think they were right about them.

The couple didn't just keep their relationship secret, they pretended to hate each other. This caused a rift between the two mothers, who are now no longer friends.

The two are not the only couple to have hit it off at the office. According to a new survey by SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, about 50 percent of workers in America have had a crush on a colleague, and more than one-third (34 percent) of workers have been involved in or are currently involved in a workplace romance.

The post, which was first shared on Tuesday on the subreddit r/TodayIFu***dUp has so far reached over 17,600 upvotes and 462 comments.

One user, ForkShirtUp joked: "This is the sort of thing can only be resolved in a giant musical number involving a bunch of strangers. I'm sure there are others but from all the movies I've seen this is the quickest." And spangaroo added: "Bring back flash mob dancing just for this."

Urechi commented: "So... I'm guessing neither are invited to the wedding?" And sirboddingtons wrote: "Ya'll best get married now and seal this awkward in for life."

And CelticMysticism commented: "OP you're being played, your mom's are now dating and doing the exact same thing to you guys as revenge."

Another user, Deerlines, particularly enjoyed the post: "Finally a real TIFU here lol. Man shi, how about doing exactly what they did to you guys? Plan a secret dinner date between the four of you, a restaurant? Of course without your moms knowing what you've planned and then explain everything. What are they gonna do when they finally see you guys together as they've imagined? Get up and run? That's what I would do at least."

And SabreLily added: "Lmao honestly. Let's see how they enjoy the meddling."

Another user, CtpBlack, commented: "Yeah poor mum's lost their best friend and found out their kids have been lying to them for a year." And kpecc99 pointed out: "If their moms were saying nasty shit about each other personally and not about the situation with their kids it doesn't sound like they were very good friends to begin with."

Some users, like niko4ever, thought the joke lasted too long. "A year? That's way too long. That joke would have been funny for maybe a month, then it's just being mean."

OhDavidMyNacho added: "What's weird is that they kept escalating it and keeping it going. They could have just said they didn't really get along and don't really talk much at work.... And kept secretly dating." And Chardradio joked: "Yeah, this is not some Adam Sandler movie."

couple and mother in law arguing
A stock image shows a couple and a mother-in-law arguing. A couple has ruined their mothers' friendship when they decided to keep their relationship a secret and spill hate on each other. Getty Images