Mom Refusing to Tell Her Baby's Name to a Stranger Praised: 'I'd Be Wary'

A mother was praised by the internet for refusing to tell her baby daughter's name to a young man at the park, who she had a weird feeling about.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Tuesday, the mother explained that as she was having a picnic lunch in the city center park with her baby daughter, who is less than a year old, a young man approached her out of the blue asking for her baby's name.

When the mother told the man she didn't wish to start a conversation with him, he answered in a way that left her even more confused, saying to her: "can I ask why that is?"

The mother then ended up telling the stranger that she just didn't feel comfortable talking to him, so he "looked a bit put out but seemed to accept that and left."

A woman was praised by the internet for not telling her baby's name to a man in the park who randomly asked. A mum and her child in the park (stock photo). iStock / Getty Images

Worried that she may have overreacted, she listed a few reasons as to why she was uncomfortable in the young man's presence.

The list started with the fact that there was no preamble. "If he had made some kind of small talk about baby etc before asking for personal info I would have found it more normal."

Next on the list, the fact that he was alone, with no child, woman or friends, and he deliberately came out of his way to approach the mother and baby.

Another red flag for the mother was that he right away asked for the baby's name, giving no reason as to why he needed to know it, followed by the fact that he was standing while she was sitting.

The woman continued to say that even though the young man didn't do anything and seemed "upstanding" she felt his presence was "dodgy" and asked the Mumsnet community if she was being unreasonable for being "rude" by refusing to say her baby's name.

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Most users didn't hesitate to side with the mother.

RomeoMcFlourish commented: "It's never unreasonable to refuse to engage with someone who's making you feel uncomfortable. Doesn't matter what they think." Legoouch said: "YANBU (you are not being unreasonable). Odd behavior (him). Trust your instincts and don't overthink it."

Another user, ElenaSt, suggested the young man may have been a 'charity mugger' approaching her for money.

"He was probably a chugger and then was going to strike up the conversation about how wonderful children are and would you like to donate every month to help poor children in wherever."

Although MissChanandlerBong80 pointed out: "Chuggers are required to wear ID badges aren't they? They always have lanyards on."

Another user, custardbear, pointed out: "I'd be wary, if a small child is called by their name, say in a park by someone the child has seen talking to mum they may be inclined to trust them, so you did the right thing."

Readtheroom suggested: "Maybe they've got autism." And hangrylady answered: "So? Shall we just all accept odd behavior and feeling threatened on the off chance someone has a disability?"

MissFancyDay said: "YANBU. You are not obliged to talk to anyone if you don't want to. Please don't doubt yourself." NightmareSituation added: "YANBU. Women have an inner panic alarm and you should always listen to it."