Couple Claim Walgreens Cashier Refused to Sell Condoms Because of His Faith

A Wisconsin couple said a Walgreens cashier refused to sell them condoms and cited his faith as the reason why.

Nate Pentz said he and his partner Jess Pentz had stopped at the store along State Road 27 in Hayward, Wisconsin, to buy condoms after leaving her birth control at home.

"As Jess was checking out, cashier John told her he couldn't sell her the condoms," Pentz wrote in a Twitter thread on Sunday that has since gone viral.

"Oh I got them from over there," Jess told the cashier, according to Pentz.

Pentz wrote the cashier responded: "We can [sell the condoms], but I won't because of my faith."

When Jess told the cashier it was "none of your business," Pentz said he offered to bring a manager over and asked if she wanted him to finish checking out other items.

"Thanks for the great customer experience @Walgreens," Pentz wrote in another tweet, alongside of a screenshot of a complaint submitted to Walgreens.

The cashier "refused to sell me condoms because of his 'faith.' He proceeded to embarrass me in front of other customers for my reproductive choices," the complaint said.

Walgreens responded to Pentz's initial tweet, writing: "Thank you for reaching out to us, Nate. I am truly sorry for the difficulty that you experienced during this recent visit to Walgreens. I've shared your concerns with leadership."

Newsweek reached out to both Pentz and Walgreens for further comment.

The cashier's behavior was slammed by users on Twitter and Reddit, where it amassed over a thousand comments after a user posted Pentz's initial tweet with the title: Can't get birth control. Can't get an abortion.

Abortion is expected to be severely curtailed in about half of U.S. states after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a bombshell decision last month, stripping away constitutional protections for abortion.

In a concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas called on his colleagues to revisit the court's cases that acknowledged rights to same-sex marriage, gay sex and contraception.

Norman Ornstein, a political scientist, said incidents like the one described by Pentz will become more common in the wake of Roe's demise.

"We are going to see a lot more of this, the number of people who called them selves pro life who are actually anti sex," Ornstein wrote in response to Pentz's tweet.

Others said the cashier should lose his job. "If it's against your faith then literally don't work at the condom store," one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: "This is outrageous. If someone cannot (or will not) perform the duties of their job because of their 'faith', then they have no business having that job."

Walgreens Cashier Refused to Sell Condoms
A Wisconsin couple said a Walgreens cashier refused to sell them condoms because of his "faith.". In this combination image, Colorful condoms with an inset of Walgreens. iStock / Getty Images