Cousin Dragged for Asking to Stay With Family—but Only When They're Away

An 18-year-old boy has been branded "cheeky" after seemingly asking to stay at his cousin's house—provided that they are not there.

Strong family bonds can make a huge difference in the development and outcomes of any child. In a 2022 study from Columbia University, researchers found adolescents who enjoyed a great bond with their family were often found to be succeeding in life.

Over 37,000 children from across 26 countries were quizzed as part of the research that was published in the journal Pediatrics, which highlighted the importance of healthy familial bonds.

However, such bonds are being tested to the breaking point for one relative posting to Mumsnet under the handle coaplious.

According to their post, coaplious recently moved back to London from the U.S. and have been getting reacquainted with family—including their 18-year-old cousin.

Things came to a head between the pair during a recent family gathering where, out of the blue and "in front" of everyone, the 18-year-old cousin asked coaplious: "Can you let me know when you're going away—so I can come and stay in your flat?"

Then again, later in the evening, the cousin told coaplious: "I want to go to London with my girlfriend... so let me know when you are not there."

The request has left the teen's relative feeling divided.

"On one hand, I get it, he wants to come and visit London and not pay crazy hotel prices," coaplious wrote. "But equally, it's my home and not a shag pad for an 18 year old who doesn't want to visit his family!"

However, those following along on social media were more definitive in their response to the 18-year-old's request.

"Just say no!" BrutusMcDogFace wrote, while WhatTheWhoTheWhatThe remarked, "I'd just decline to tell him when you're not there."

FOJN agreed: "He didn't even ask, just assumed he could use your home if you weren't there. It's cheeky and entitled. I'd be so annoyed with the attitude I wouldn't even invite him to stay whilst I was there."

Incompletesenten was similarly incensed, writing: "you aren't an Airbnb."

DingDongPenny commented: "No way would I leave my house unattended with a couple of 18 year olds I hardly knew."

Some, however, were less convinced.

"Do you really want to entertain him and his girlfriend?" TheYearOfSmallThings asked. "I'm a big fan of relatives visiting me when I'm not there."

"He's 18," Perple added. "He'll cringe when you remind him at 40."

MsVestibule could see both sides. "Yes, it's rude, but he's 18—pretty sure I made some social gaffes when I was his age," they wrote. "You can either avoid the subject or, if he keeps asking, just say 'sorry, I don't want anybody staying in my house when I'm not there.'"

Newsweek has contacted coaplious for comment.

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A teenager arriving at a front door.
Stock image of a teenager at a front door. An 18-year-old's apparent request to use their cousin's home, according to a Mumsnet post, while they are away appears to have fallen on deaf ears. DGLimages/Getty