Dachshund Pup's Best Behavior on 'First Ever' Long Haul Flight Melts Hearts

A dog named Apple has gone viral after its owner shared a video of him taking a flight from the United Kingdom to America for the first time.

In the video shared by the dog's owner on TikTok, who goes by the username Apple Mini Dapple Sausage dog, the dachshund can be seen looking out the porthole, then being carried around security by its owners.

During take off and landing, the dog was positioned under the seat in front of its owner's seat as a safety measure, but during the flight he was allowed to be on his owner's knees, where he made loads of new friends coming from all seats to play with him.

Throughout the entire Air Canada flight from the U.K. to Toronto, the dog was very calm and caused no issues, taking naps and walks, he also didn't bark, same as the flight to Indianapolis, their final destination.

Although the way back to the U.K. is going to be a little harder, since the country doesn't allow pets via plane, they will have to fly to Amsterdam and take a ferry there, Apple's mom explained further down in the comments.

According to statistics by Soocial, about 78 percent of American pet owners travel with their pets every year, and dogs make up 58 percent of transported pets worldwide.

Women are more likely to bring their dogs on vacations compared to males. While 25 percent of women take their dogs with them when they travel, only 14 percent of males do the same.

Apple is already quite well known by the TikTok community, as his owner often shares pictures on videos of him, in fact he already has over 37,100 followers and 1.5 million likes.

Most users loved the video. The video, which was first shared last Thursday on TikTok, has attracted a lot of attention, receiving over 140,000 views, more than 12,000 likes and 190 comments.

One user, Karen Sanders, said: "This would be my absolute ideal flight, especially if seated next to me." And Jacqueline Michelle added: "I'm sorry but on the flight I'd be annoying you for snuggles."

Another user, Lux Roux, commented: "This is amazing!!!" And LifeCoffeeTravel added: "Omg best passenger ever. I would even give you my window seat."

Jill Wilkinson wrote: "Looks so much fun. International puppo." And Ryarna Lakic said: "Best thing I have ever witnessed." Georgie Bartlett said: "I wonder what he thought as he looked out the window."

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A stock image shows a dachshund. A sausage dog has gone viral for being a good boy in its first ever flight from the UK to America. Getty Images