Dad Who 'Didn't Want Cat' Caught Singing 'I Will Always Love You' to Pet

They say there is no greater love than the one between a dad and the pet he didn't want.

A clip of one man and his daughter's new pet bulldog went viral earlier this month after his adorable reaction to meeting the puppy for the first time. While another dog dad went the extra mile for their Labrador, wearing a cone of shame in "solidarity" after the pet had a lump removed from his eyelid.

Now, another lovable pair has won hearts around the internet thanks to their incredible bond.

Shared by TikTok user the_cat_games—real name Shaan Renoo—on April 12 (and viewable here), the video shows Shaan's dad fawning over their cat Angie, even going as far to recite a line from the Whitney Houston classic "I Will Always Love You."


When My Dad Told Angie ‘I Will Always Love You’ Like The Whitney Euston Song…😽❤️🥹 #iwillalwaysloveyou #whitneyhouston #love #cat #catdad #grandpa #foryou

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The cute clip begins with Shaan explaining his dad—60-year-old Kamaljeet Singh Renoo (known as Raj)—said no multiple times to getting a cat. But within a few months, Raj was head over heels for the black-tipped British shorthair.

In the footage, Raj can be seen jokingly arguing with Angie after she stole his seat on the sofa, telling her "that's my chair," before politely asking if he can sit next to her.

He then begins showering her with compliments and playing with her paws, saying "that's a paw there, 2nd paw there, 3rd paw there, 4th paw there."

It's not long before he's telling Angie that he will always love her, before quoting the iconic line from "I Will Always Love You."

"I'll put a Whitney Houston song on for you every day," he promises.

Although Angie seems to like the attention, she can't stop herself from biting and nibbling her 'grandpa''s arm.

Renoo, who lives in London, told Newsweek: "My dad is normally a quiet, moody dad figure around the house.

"Until it gets to the evening, after he's had his first drink, then he lightens up a bit and becomes the joker. So he's got two sides to him.

"He says he hated cats from day one. We have Indian heritage but he grew up in Kenya, he actually grew up in a jungle.

"He liked wildcats but not housecats, and would avoid going into people houses that had cats to not get scratched.

But it turns out, it was love at first sight.

Renoo continued: "After months of pestering my mum for a cat, she gave in. We didn't tell my dad we were getting a cat until it arrived.

"On the day we got the cat, he walked into the room, and I swear on my mum's life, he was so starstruck.

"I could see he wanted to smile but he didn't break a smile.

"After about a week of having the cat, I came home from work drinks and he was playing with her and talking to her like a baby.

"I tried to call her to come to me but she stayed with him."

After Renoo moved to another city for work, Raj took over as Angie's "cat dad."

He added: "My parents really didn't want a cat in the house, but they fell in love with her."

The short video has received more than 800,000 likes and over 4,500 comments from users who can't get enough of the darling duo.

Rayray786 said: "This video is everything."

Albert Demirovic commented: "Hahah I said the same thing to my wife and 10 years later we have 3 cats."

Ifyoudono added: "This is pure serotonin."

According to one poll, 88 percent of American pet owners say animal is a part of the family. In her book Just Like Family: How Companion Animals Joined the Household, sociologist Andrea Laurent-Simpson explored how this familial relationship between humans and their pets is influencing society. With pet owners considering their furry friends in everything from buying a home to raising a family, Laurent-Simpson believes this close connection may even be affecting the country's birth rate—with people preferring their pets to babies.


Reply to @albertdemirovic Then Maybe We Can Persuade Grandpa To Get Another Cat⁉️🤔🤣 #catdad #catgrandpa #dad #grandpa #cat #kitten #catlover

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The viral post isn't the only sweet encounter between Raj and Angie caught on camera. In a clip shared on Wednesday 13 April (watch it here), the user's dad had a similar reaction to his child bringing home another kitten. Yet, less than a week later, the pair have become fast friends.

In another clip of him and Angie (find it here), he can be seen sharing his KFC with the puss, which she gobbles down immediately.

"If I keep on giving you all this I will have nothing left for myself" he tells her.

But Angie isn't the only pet with a penchant for chicken. A "diva" dog recently went viral on Twitter due to its refusal to eat anything but rotisserie chicken at mealtimes.

Dad who didn't want cat
(Left) Renoo's dad Raj cooking. (Right) Raj talking to Angie the cat on the sofa. Renoo says his dad Raj was "starstruck" by Angie, despite claiming to have a lifelong hatred of cats. @the_cat_games_family

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