Dad's 'Tantrum' Over Baby Gender Reveal Sparks Fury: 'Disgusting Behavior'

An expectant father has come in for strong criticism after throwing a "temper tantrum" during his pregnant wife's gender reveal party.

According to a Reddit post shared by the woman's sister under the handle Superb-Block-7006, her brother-in-law reacted "angrily" to the news he would be having a girl. When she asked him why he was upset, he told her: "Obviously I don't want a daughter, I wanted a son."

Gender preference may be less common today than it was decades ago, but it still exists. While the majority of new parents are happy to welcome their bundle of joy whatever their gender, some still harbor unconscious feelings about whether they would prefer a boy or a girl.

These unconscious biases were highlighted in a 2018 study led by Dr. Robert Lynch from the Department of Biology at the University of Turku in Finland.

Lynch, along with a team of scientists, had 347 women and 423 men complete a test in which they were shown rapid-fire images of baby boys and girls. They were then asked to categorize the images using a series of subtly positive or negative adjectives.

The results highlighted how preference is seemingly drawn along gender lines: women preferred daughters while men wanted sons. Interestingly, the men's preference for having sons was only slight compared with the female desire to have daughters.

The study found that women saw girls as "good" and were more likely to invest money in them with many viewing them as more likely to advance to higher education. It was also posited that this preference could be linked to a belief that females have reduced access to shared resources when compared with males.

But while unconscious preferences may lead to underlying issues within the family dynamic in the long term, conscious and openly expressed concerns present a much more serious problem in the immediate future.

In the case of the man reacting badly to what should be a joyous occasion after learning his wife is having a girl, his response had many on social media worried for his partner, her family and the unborn child.

According to the woman's sister, upon hearing the news, the dad-to-be retired to a quiet corner of the party where he could be heard "angrily mumbling to himself" in a response that left everyone in attendance feeling "really uncomfortable."

The man's sister-in-law did try to snap him out of his funk after he told her he didn't want a daughter. "Come on man, are you really gonna just throw a tantrum?," she said. "Do you even care how your wife feels about this?"

However, this only made him more angry, with the dejected husband lashing out at his sister-in-law over the remarks. She was not about to back down though, telling him: "If you plan on raising a child in a few months you better stop acting like one yourself. Just do everyone a favor and grow up."

She left the party soon after but was later contacted by her sister, who said she should have "just left him be" rather than make the situation worse.

Social media disagreed though, with the Reddit post, which earned over 10,000 reactions, drawing a vociferous response from those angry at the husband's actions.

For Remarkable-Lynx6710, the reaction had alarm bells ringing. "I've known men like this," they said. "They have mistreated their daughters and/or have divorced their wives even before the baby is born. The sister really needs to pay attention to this."

Ididitforcheese asked: "Is your sister in an abusive relationship? This doesn't sound like a once-off behaviour. If she is, you'd better get some professional advice on how best to support her because I can't see a scenario where this guy would be a good dad."

MxXylda wrote: "If you're not ready to raise whatever comes out, don't have kids. They could be neurodivergent, disabled, become disabled, chronically ill, fat, trans, gay, bi, pan, ace, or like ketchup on their pasta, and if you're not ready to love them no matter what, you're not ready to have them."

Some, meanwhile, were critical of the entire concept of gender reveal parties. Faieree commented: "This is why I hate gender reveals, disgusting behavior like that usually gets exposed. I hope that child is loved by both when it's born."

NotRoryWilliams agreed, branding gender reveal parties "dumb and arguably harmful" for everyone involved. "The existence of 'gender reveal' events is just a reinforcement of the (inherently transphobic and misogynistic) idea that gender is inexorably tied to sex, immutable, and the most important part of someone's identity."

Darkalleyandabadidea added: "Gender disappointment is real and if anyone is that invested in having a child of a specific gender then finding out publicly isn't a good idea."

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A family doing a gender reveal.
Stock image of a family doing a gender reveal - an expectant dad has sparked controversy after reacting angrily to the news his wife is having a girl. Yulia Raneva/Getty