Dave Chappelle 'Attacker' Had Replica Gun, Knife Blade—Reports

Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage while performing stand up comedy as part of the Netflix comedy festival on Tuesday night by a man carrying a replica handgun and a knife, police say.

Multiple eye witnesses and some user footage show Chappelle getting tackled while performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Chappelle apparently continued to the end of his show, making light of the attack and the attacker after it happened.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the name of the suspect as Isaiah Lee who was transported to a local hospital after his arrest.

An LAPD spokesperson said: "A famous comedian was performing at the Hollywood Bowl. As he was exiting the stage, a man jumped onto the stage and tackled him to the ground. The suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked on a felony ADW and his bail has been set at $30,000."

There was a ban on smartphones at the event but after the incident, more footage emerged of Chappelle's reaction with multiple videos being shared on social media.

Short footage posted online shows Chappelle getting tackled around the chest area by a person, knocking the comedian off balance. Twitter user @abazar shared his short footage online as it captured a Live Photo of the moment Chappelle was hit.

Chappelle continued the show after the attacker was removed from the stage. More user footage claims that multiple people from Chappelle's team beat the man who had entered the stage and Chappelle later joked about "stomping" the attacker.

Stephanie Wash, journalist for KABC, confirmed the attack and reported that Chris Rock, who had performed earlier, joined Chappelle onstage and said, "Was that Will Smith?"

Of the attacker, Chappelle joked that it was a "trans man" who attacked him onstage. This was likely a reference to the continued criticism Chappelle has received from the LGBTQ+ community for jokes he's made at their expense. Chappelle also said onstage that he grabbed the back of the attacker's head and that "his hair was spongey."

Verified Twitter user @DDotOmen shared two minutes of footage of the curtain call where Chappelle invites Foxx onstage. During his encore, Chappelle brought Jamie Foxx onstage to thank him to rushing to help him. Foxx took the mic and told the crowd that "we have to protect" Chappelle because he is a "genius."

Additional footage posted by several people outside of the venue seems to show a man many are identifying as the attacker being carried into the back of a vehicle by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Some are speculating his arm looks visibly dislocated.

Journalist Brianna Sacks shot video footage from outside the show where a crowd apparently booed the supposed attacker as he was carted off into the ambulance.

The incident comes just over a month after Chris Rock was attacked by Will Smith onstage at the Academy Awards in March 2022.

Newsweek has reached out to Netflix and the LAPD for comment.

Dave Chappelle Was Reportedly Attacked Onstage
Dave Chappelle was reportedly attacked onstage on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Lester Cohen/WireImage

Update 5/4/22 3:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add more eyewitness accounts and information.

Update 5/4/22 10:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add an LAPD statement.