David Dobrik Completely Ignores Vlog Squad Allegations in YouTube Comeback

YouTube star David Dobrik has posted his first video on the platform in two months.

The 24-year-old took a brief hiatus after his Vlog Squad became embroiled in a slate of controversies, including allegations of rape against a former member.

His last video, titled "03/22/21," was posted on March 23 and saw him address the allegations head-on.

On Tuesday evening, Dobrik made his comeback with a vlog titled, "SURPRISING MY FRIENDS!!"

The short video, which followed his old 4-minute-and-20-second format, saw Dobrik surprise his friends with a trip to Hawaii.

The end of the clip showed the vlogger, who has 18.3 million subscribers, announce that he will be following a regular posting schedule with a new vlog every Tuesday.

Dobrik did not appear to address allegations against the Vlog Squad from previous months.

March saw Dobrik's fame unravel as his Vlog Squad was slammed with a series of allegations.

The Vlog Squad was founded by Dobrik in 2015 and is comprised of a string of the vlogger's friends who regularly appear in his videos. YouTube stars who have been a part of the group include Jason Nash, Corinna Kopf, Josh Peck, Alex Ernst and Heath Hussar.

In March 2021, Insider reported an allegation of rape against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, known by his following as "Durte Dom."

An anonymous woman alleged that she was raped by Zeglaitis when she was "blackout" drunk on the day Dobrik's group filmed a video with a "threesome plot," in which the woman was an extra. Zeglaitis denied the allegations.

Dobrik also came under fire after Joseth "Seth" Francois, another former Vlog Squad member, said he had been sexually assaulted in 2017 when Dobrik and Jason Nash pulled a prank on him.

In the video titled, "HE THOUGHT HE WAS KISSING HER!! (SUPER CRINGEY)," Francois was tricked into kissing Nash in a mask—something the former said he did not consent to.

Francois was under the impression he would be taking part in a pre-planned kissing scene with vlogger Corinna Kopf.

Speaking about it in on the H3 Podcast in February 2021, Francois said: "After Jason pulled off his mask, I realized that I was just touched by someone I did not consent to."

Dobrik released two videos in response which respectively saw him apologize to Francois and Zeglaitis' accuser.

In light of the allegations, several brands publicly distanced themselves from Dobrik.

Dobrik is not the only YouTuber to make a controversial comeback this year.

Shane Dawson raised eyebrows when he appeared to suggest in an Instagram post that he did not plan to abandon his channel after 15 years of work.

Dawson has not posted on the platform in nearly a year following the release of a video titled "Taking Accountability."

The video saw the 32-year-old address his previous controversies including blackface, racial slurs and jokes about pedophilia.

He has not yet posted a video following the post, which was shared on June 10. Dawson currently has 20.4 million subscribers on his channel.

David Dobrik has returned to YouTube
David Dobrik (R) has returned to YouTube after two months away from the platform. David Dobrik YouTube

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