Dog Falling off Couch After 'Mission Impossible' Moves Delights Internet

Do you let your dog on the couch? One pet, clearly not allowed the luxury, has been caught attempting to sneak off the couch, and failing incredibly.

In the TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, Lunie the beagle cross can be seen sleeping on the couch, before waking and attempting to crawl sneakily off the couch, and falling off onto the floor and rolling out of the camera shot.

One TikTok user commented: "Our dog did this. We'd come home and he'd be "asleep" on the floor.... and the dent on the couch would still be warm."

Dog on sofa
Stock image of a dog on a blue sofa. A beagle cross trying and failing to sneak off the couch has had the internet in stitches. Dmytro Varavin/Getty Images

Should Dogs Be Allowed on the Furniture?

The bed, the couch, your favorite chair, dogs love being on the furniture, often more than the expensive bed you've bought them. Although some owners are steadfastly against the habit, others are more lenient. For some, it's about cleanliness, while others believe it can cause aggression or other behavioral issues.

Animal advice website The Spruce Pets writes: "Despite what some people believe, allowing your dog on the furniture will not make him think he is in charge. It will not suddenly cause aggression or dominance. However, be careful not to inadvertently reinforce certain behaviors or you will be sending the wrong message.

"For example, any dog that growls or snaps at you when you try to sit down should be removed from the furniture. If your dog refuses to move when you approach, he should be removed. Also, if your dog 'hogs' the bed or couch, as many dogs seem to do, he should be taught to move over and make room for you."


If your dog is a lover of the great outdoors and has constant access, it might be a good idea to train your dog not to get on the couch.

"Many owners prefer to keep their dogs off the furniture because of the mess (e.g. hair, dirt, and debris)," writes The Spruce Pets. "Taking this a step further, some people are concerned about the potential for the spread of disease.

"There are a handful of diseases that are considered zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted to humans from animals. A few examples include parasitic infections, fungal infections and even plague (the latter is very rare). However, if you keep your dog healthy, the risk is very minimal."

How Do I Keep My Dog off the Couch?

If you do want to keep your dog off your couch, pet healthcare company PetMD argues that consistency is key. "Make sure that everyone in the household agrees to the 'no dogs allowed' policy, because part-time privileges make it harder for your dog to understand the rules.

"It's best to keep your dog off the couch from the very beginning, even when he's a tiny puppy, because it's much more difficult to untrain the behavior once your dog has gotten used to it."

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