Dog Helps Owner Do Her Laundry in Impressive Viral Video

Doing laundry is both tedious and boring, so wouldn't it be fantastic if we had someone to help us with our load?

Well, for one woman on TikTok this is a reality, but her domestic help comes from the most unlikely of sources... her pet dog!

In the clip, posted by @my_aussie_gal on June 3, an Australian Shepherd can be seen assisting her owner, whose name is Mary, in a laundromat by unloading clothes into a basket using her mouth.

The animal, whose name is Secret, then closes the door of the washing machine, before standing on her hindlegs and high-fiving the woman.

The camera then cuts to Mary's bedroom, where Secret is following her owner by dragging a basket full of clothes along the carpet.

Mary then passes clothes on hangers to the dog, who incredibly manages to hang them onto the rail using her teeth.

The next scene shows the intelligent pooch putting away bundles of socks into a drawer—how incredible!

The video is captioned "Laundry Day!", and has so far been viewed by 1.8 million people, and garnered more than 265,900 likes.

Many people flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the impressive footage.

One TikTok user, Rebe_kka, wrote: "I wouldn't mind the dog saliva on my clothes either with a dog as cute as this."

Annielle Jaye added: "She/he knows how to do laundry and other housework while me literally being a lazy person and don't even know how to do housework."

Madi Hearts typed: "I'm convinced you have a human and a really good dog costume."

Donlapat Lalidsiraja commented: "Smart and helpful, so adorable."

Yuuki stated: "If I had a dog like that I wouldn't need a child anymore."

Crystal_and_leah had a suggestion for the TikTok creator, writing: "You should definitely got to America's Got Talent with your dog. I bet you guys would get the golden buzzer."

However this is not the only jaw-dropping task that Secret has recently performed.

On June 14, a viral video appeared to show the Australian Shepherd shooting her own TikTok video.

The footage begins with the pooch standing in front of a tripod which has a smartphone attached to it.

The canine then presses the phone with her nose which makes it look as though she has begun recording a video.

The perspective then shifts to that of the smartphone, and Secret performs various different maneuvers and poses for the camera.

Text overlaid on the video reads: "Just filmed her first TikTok :)."

Dog in a washing machine
A stock image of a dog in a washing machine. In a viral TikTok video, an Australian Shepherd can be seen helping her owner with her laundry. Getty Images