Flexible Dog Perfects Tricky Yoga Positions Balancing on Its Front Paws

An incredibly flexible canine has stunned people after mastering tricky yoga positions— including the downward facing dog.

Owner Mary and her beloved pet, Secret, have been impressing exercise fans online with their "doga" sessions.

Mary got service dog Secret, an Australian Shepherd, in 2015, according to her first Instagram post on the pooch, and since then she's taught her loyal companion a few tricks.

After painting, playing the guitar, and flattening dough with a rolling pin, Secret is also able to balance herself on her front paws—on Mary's hands.

Their latest video, uploaded to Instagram on the my_aussie_gal account over the weekend, has been watched nearly 2 million times after it was later shared to Twitter.

She captioned the video: "Some more simple morning Doga. Secret has been working on the last pose for a while now, but I think she's finally gotten the hang of it! At first she had a hard time holding her paws without rolling onto one side or the other, but she's learned how to keep her balance."

Mary, thought to be from Iowa, describes Secret as her "best friend," and has been teaching her pooch the exercise moves for a while, even incorporating equipment.

In other videos showing off Secret's skills, Mary said: "Doing some doga exercises that use our exercise balls! I couldn't think of any new doga to teach her, so I decided to see what I could teach her using these! Secret just adores these balls, she could play the game where we roll it back and forth to each other all day!"

She added that she also practices "doga flow," as she showed Secret how to roll out her own yoga mat to use.

In another incredible "doga" clip, Mary explained they'd been exercising together inside as the weather plummeted, with Secret performing squats, press-ups, Russian twists and helping with sit-ups.

She said: "A short workout together this afternoon. The temperature outside has been so cold that we haven't been able to go on our usual walks, so we've been trying to get our exercise in at home."

People are equally amazed and impressed with Secret's obedience, as well as Mary's teaching ability.

"I just can't get over how you can get a dog to do these things, I can't even get mine to give me my slipper back," owner emilylovesloki wrote.

While pet owner Julie_Kadas joked: "Yeah? Well my dog can do 'scritch my belly' and 'can I have a treat'...Wait, that's just regular dog stuff. This dog/hooman duo is amazing!"

This dog lover, NWMama, admitted: "NWMama: "I love this. When I used to try to do yoga on my dog, he would just sit on me."

Marie.rose.00 gushed: "She's so talented."

While Nawaz.tabish raved: "Oh My God... Omg..I can't believe my eyes."

Jreisen reckoned: "I don't think I've ever seen such trust between a person and a dog."

Suzannemerc thought: "That is the best workout partner I have ever seen."

Arun_kr121 declared: "That's amazing probably the best thing on internet."

While Norton joked: "Great so now a Dog does more exercise than I do."

Stock image of an Australian Shepherd
Stock image of an Australian Shepherd. A woman doing yoga with her flexible dog is capturing people's hearts online. Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images

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