Woman Tells Dog a Story Using All His Favorite Words and His Reaction Is Hilarious

We don't deserve dogs. Our canine companions know how to live life right—they enjoy getting out into nature, eating and showing their affection.

These simple pleasures are what make them happy, so when one woman decided to tell her dog a story involving all his favorite words, the animal had a hilarious reaction.

TikTok user @leniiitas, known as Lenita, shared footage to the video-sharing app of her gorgeous dog Zeus.

In the clip she is sitting in her living room, filming the animal. An automated voiceover says: "Using all my dogs favorite words in a story."

She then lists the words, in the overlaid text on the video, which are: "Walk, Park, Treats, Good Boy, Handsome, I love you, Snack."

The woman, who is based in Los Angeles, California, begins telling her dog a story, which starts: "I went to the park, I ran into some dogs at the park, and we ate treats. It was like this whole great time."

By this point the pet is staring at his owner, clearly perplexed, and his ears slowly droop as she continues her story.

She says: "Then I had to walk all the way back home. Then I went to see this good boy, who was so handsome, and I went and said 'I love you' to him."

The camera zooms in on the dogs face, as he looks as though he is about to cry, glaring in disbelief.

The woman adds: "Then I had to walk all the way back to the park."

This all becomes too much for the dog who walks off, looking annoyed.

The story ends with the words: "And then I had a snack and the snack was so good. I ate my snack at a park."

This prompts Zeus to turn back around in shock and walk over to Lenita and begin barking, as though telling her enough is enough.

The hilarious clip, which was posted on May 18, has since been viewed by more than 6 million people. It has also been liked 1.2 million times.

Many took to the comments section to share their views on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, Lucy R., wrote: "You better go give him a treat..."

Another person, Steven Philip Oudie, added: "He's like "nah... no you didn't..."

Olivia Trevino commented: "You said snack and it was over for him."

Silver typed: "The way he stares at youuuuu."

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Dog looking suprised
A stock image of a dog looking surprised. In the TikTok video, a dog does not react well to being told his owner did all his favorite things without him. Getty Images