Dog Ignoring Owner and Diving Straight Into Mud Has Internet in Hysterics

A dog disobeying his owner's commands and jumping straight into a giant mud puddle is making the internet chuckle.

In a video shared by TikToker Gonzo (@user4133333353961), a tiny canine called Shane can be seen standing on a grassy knoll near an enormous patch of mud.

Despite the pleas of his owner and their friends, Shane hops into the mess, with his little legs disappearing into the dirt.


Shane the wonder dog wouldn’t listen

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"No no no," someone can be heard shouting as Shane makes his dramatic leap, with the small pooch making an almighty splat as he lands. Everyone immediately erupts into laughter, as Shane attempts to make his way out of the mud.

"Oh no," someone says, giggling, while the group waits for Shane to reach the other side of the verge.

"Shane the wonder dog wouldn't listen," wrote Gonzo alongside the hilarious footage, which has received almost 2 million views and over 260,000 likes.

How Can I Get My Dog to Listen?

Whether it's ignoring your warnings (and falling into a frozen pond) or only paying attention when treats are in the mix, it can be tough to get some dogs to listen. While some breeds are more obedient than others, the right training can tame most pups' bad behavior.

Tim Scrine is an animal behavior expert and the founder of Allbreeds, a canine boot camp and pet retreat in Western Australia. If your dog is constantly disobeying your commands and getting itself into trouble, Scrine recommends going back to basics.

"The first thing when it comes to training your dog to listen is to do it in a controlled environment, where the focus is on the training," he told Newsweek.

"This way, your dog learns to listen in a calm environment and can take these skills out into the world."

A Jack Russell Terrier covered in mud
A file photo of a Jack Russell terrier covered in mud. Shane and his little legs couldn't even make it half way across the giant mud puddle. Lubo Ivanko/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Scrines emphasizes the need for positive reinforcement, rather than punishment.

"When you tell your dog to stop or sit, give it a treat when it does the task correctly," he said.

"If it doesn't, ignore the response and refocus the dog's attention using the treat."

Clear communication is also essential, otherwise, you're sending your dog mixed signals.

"If you laugh when it doesn't listen, your dog won't understand that it's doing something wrong," Scrine said.

"You have to respond the same way to bad behavior every time because repetition is how dogs learn."


In the comments, TikTok user LoFiPeppa called Shane's jump "the most splat splat of all splats."

"The way he took a flying LEAP into the mud," said Caelyn.

"Plop," wrote user530253914861.

"Everyone laughing at him when he's trying his best," commented Aurora.

"He feels bad already," joked Madicorn.

"The form, the chutzpah,the sploop, Every bit is perfection!" said Wendy Bee.

"Pup said 'in for a Penny, in for a pound'" wrote jellyquag97.

While Hdsah commented: "I've been laughing at this for like 5 minutes."

Newsweek reached out to @user4133333353961 for comment.

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