Dog Named Killer Heroically Rescued After Falling Down 30ft Deep Sinkhole

Rescuers in Tennessee spent three hours attempting to free a dog named Killer after it fell into a "deep" sinkhole.

On Saturday, June 25, Hawkins County Rescue Squad's Multi-Jurisdictional Rope Rescue Team received a request for help after a report that a dog had fallen into the sinkhole. The incident occurred on Horton Ford Road in Kyles Ford, Hancock County.

Representatives from Hawkins County Rescue Squad and Goshen Valley Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the incident to find the sinkhole in a woodland area and around 30 feet deep. Killer was trapped at the end of the hole with no way to get out by himself.

A rescue team member was lowered in the sinkhole with special equipment and managed to find Killer, who Hawkins County Rescue Squad said was "very excited to see him."

Members of the rescue team were then able to bring both the rescuer and Killer out of the sinkhole together, landing them on "safe ground."

After a tumultuous three-hour-long rescue mission, Killer was reunited with his owners and was reportedly left completely unharmed.

Hawkins County Rescue Squad detailed the turn of events in a Facebook post and shared photos from the rescue mission, showing the team member being lowered into the hole and a later shot of him holding a safe Killer. Images also showed the rescue group after the mission, with Killer in the corner.

It's far from the first time canine friends have found themselves in tricky predicament, needing the help of humans to come to the rescue.

Earlier this year, Newsweek reported on a golden retriever who was rescued by Firefighters in Illinois after falling into a sinkhole. The dog had been missing for 24 hours.

A fellow dog owner spotted the golden retriever, named Macy, after his own dog alerted him. Macy was stuck around five feet below the snow-covered ground. The rescue team was left with a tricky rescue, after Macy was unable to climb out on the ladder they had initially maneuvered in for him. Instead, the team needed to secure webbing around her and haul her out.

Similarly this year, in a far less conventional rescue mission, a dog in the U.K. was helped by a team with the use of a drone affixed with a sausage as a way to lure the dog to safety. It had been caught on a mudflat with an incoming tide.