Dog Owner Discovers Golden Retriever Has Girlfriend: 'They Love Each Other'

A woman has discovered to her delight that her dog may have nabbed himself a girlfriend and they are going steady together at doggy daycare.

Dogs may not have the same mental faculties as their human owners but, according to Dr. Marc Bekoff, a biologist, ethologist, behavioral ecologist, love is something our canine companions are very much capable of experiencing.

Dr. Bekoff told Vice: "If you define love as a long-term commitment—meaning they seek one another out when they're apart, they're happy when they're reunited, they protect one another, they feed one another, they raise their children together—then of course non-human animals love each other."

A pair of golden retrievers.
Stock image of a pair of golden retrievers. A dog owner has discovered her golden retriever appears to be going steady with another canine. Ksenia Raykova/Getty

Love can be a beautiful thing and one dog who appears to be very much loved up at the moment is a golden retriever called Copley.

In a video shared to TikTok by lizzeas, Copley can be seen snuggling up to another lighter colored golden retriever, who appears happy to reciprocate his affections.

It can be watched here.

The clip, which has been viewed 2.1 million times, featured a series of snaps chronicling the two canines in a variety of clinches together at their dog daycare center.

In one picture, the loved-up pair can be seen, relaxing together with Copley dishing out what looks like a series of affectionate licks to his female companion.

Another shows the two dogs, up on their hind legs, as if hugging while one more shows them snout to snout, getting about as close as dogs are capable of to kissing.

One of the most notable images sees the two dogs standing side by side, like a real couple, with Copley appearing pleased as punch with himself.

The pictures have been greeted with understandable delight by his owner who shared the images, captioning the slideshow "You guys they are cuddling."

Lizzeas is not alone in expressing her joy at the apparent doggy union.

Commenting on social media, moonraccoon17, who sounded similarly overjoyed, wrote: "They are in a committed relationship." Greer Albaugh, meanwhile, declared: "They love each other." Holly Brooke Roper goes further, commenting: "a girlfriend???? I think they're married" And molly_percocet_ writes: "That is so adorable."

"This is amazing," kstrauss026 said with Halle Blanchon adding: "They seem serious." Elsewhere, lexizaraa quipped: "have you had the talk with him? This looks serious." Mia Bailey claimied the two dogs were giving her "Simba and Nala" vibes in a reference to The Lion King.

Yazanderson, meanwhile, wondered: "Why do the dogs have better relationships than us?"

Newsweek has contacted lizzeas for comment.