Dog Paints, Plays Guitar and Does Yoga in Impressive Footage

If you are thinking of taking up a new hobby, perhaps you might like to look at this TikTok-famous dog for inspiration.

In a clip, posted by @my_aussie_gal on May 6, an Australian Shepherd can be seen accompanying her owner, whose name is Mary, in an array of leisurely pursuits.

The footage begins with the dog lying under a duvet, with overlaid text reading: "I hate everyone."

Next the camera cuts to Secret playing a guitar with her paws, next to Mary who is also strumming the strings of another guitar.

After this, we see the pooch painting with a brush between her teeth on an easel as her owner does the same—granted the dog's creation is slightly more abstract.

Secret also performs an impressive yoga move, takes a nap with her owner, and pushes her on a swing at a local park during the short video.

The clip is captioned "No caption needed," and has so far been viewed by 4.4 million people, and garnered more than 993,900 likes.

Many people flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the impressive footage.

One TikTok user, K.M. wrote: "I refuse to believe this dog doesn't have a human brain."

Another person, Falcon Samoyed, added: "Your dog is very very smart... I love it... love the bonding between you and your dog."

Noah typed: "Your dog has an actual soul, the soul is even better than any human right now."

Lauren gushed: "Your dog is the most intelligent dog I have ever seen!! My dog is your dog's twin though."

Rayneonmyparade commented: "You and Secret were the reason I got an aussie. It's going great, he's literally the other half of my soul."

Whereas Marilyn Serpas asked: "Did you train your dog to do all of this?!?"

To this Mary responded: "I did! I've been teaching her since she was 8 weeks old."

However these are not the only impressive tasks that Secret has performed recently.

In footage shared on June 14, the Australian Shepherd is shooting her own TikTok video.

The clip starts with the talented pet standing in front of a tripod which is holding a smartphone.

The pet then presses the phone with her nose so as to make it look like she has begun filming a video.

Next, the perspective shifts to the smartphone, and Secret performs and array of different moves and poses for the camera.

The video is overlaid with text that reads: "Just filmed her first TikTok :)."

So far the clip has a whopping 78.5 million views, as well as 14.7 million comments.

Newsweek have contacted my_aussie_gal for comment.

An Australian Shepherd dog
A stock image of an Australian Shepherd dog. A similar-looking dog recently showcased a wide array of talents on TikTok. Getty Images