Dog Relaxes in Fountain in Middle of Street in Hilarious Video—'He's Having a Spa Day'

Charming footage of a golden retriever enjoying a well-earned soak in a city center fountain is raising a chuckle among pet fans online.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranks golden retrievers among the top 10 most trainable breeds of dog, with Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT writing: "this gentle and versatile hunting breed is also a fast learner."

However, as the clip shared to TikTok by Kristine Finne demonstrates, they are still more than capable of displays of disobedience, albeit hilarious ones.

In the video, the dog's owner can be seen looking on helplessly while his golden retriever, who is on a leash, sits contentedly in a street fountain, evidently in no rush to leave.

Crouched down next to his canine, the dog owner appears to be trying to coax his furry friend out of the water so they can continue on their way.

Unfortunately, it looks like this particular pooch is in no mood to listen with the golden retriever giving off the vibe of someone relaxing in the sea just off a sunny beach somewhere.

An accompanying caption reads: "In case you are having a bad day, watch this dog relax in a fountain in the middle of the street."

Golden retrievers may be amiable and easy to train, but this four-legged friend appears to have found fame for doing the exact opposite with the footage of his antics racking up 12 million views.

Fans were quick to voice their approval. "He's living his best life," ginevrabiancucci declared. "He's having a spa day," Elisabeth_Kreig quipped.Hotjewinyourarea, meanwhile, simply surmised: "he chilling."

There was a degree of sympathy for his owner though. "You know that owner is trying to reason with him," ThisMillenial commented. "Imagine having to go home by car afterwards," Kingsanchez_ wrote.

Emiliaddraws added: "as a dog walker this the first thing thought of like you'll really be sitting there pleading."

Newsweek has contacted Finne for comment.

Last year, a golden retriever went viral after deciding to lie down in a muddy bog. More recently, another canine's terrified reaction to the Netflix crime drama Ozark also went viral.

Then there was the super-cute golden retriever puppy who ended up hitting the big time on social media after a video of the young canine watching rapper Cardi B in action went viral. As the footage shows, the dog was quite entranced.

According to the AKC, the golden retriever ranks America's fourth most popular breed of dog, German shepherd dogs ranked third, with French bulldogs second and labradors top of the pile.

A dog relaxing in a fountain.
Stock image of a dog relaxing in a fountain - a pet pooch resting in a street water feature is proving popular. Aleksandr Potashev/Getty